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6 Different ways to use eggshells

6 Different ways to use eggshells
6 Different ways to use eggshells (Pixabay)

Eggs, one of the most readily available ingredients, are widely used as ingredients for steamed, egg rolls, soups, and various dishes and processed foods. It is said to have various beneficial effects on the body because it contains high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals evenly. With such excellent nutritional value, it has been recognized for its excellent value as a food for nourishment and tonic since ancient times, and has been recognized as a complete food with the most ideal content of essential amino acids.

It is taken for granted that eggs, which are rich in these various uses and beneficial nutrients, generally consume the whites and yellows in the inner shell, and the rest of the shells are useless. However, it is known that eggshells contain beneficial nutrients and can be used for various purposes in real life. So today, let’s look at some of the ways you can use eggshells in your life one by one.

How to use eggshell

1. Pot Fertilizer

The first way to use eggshell in real life is to use it as a fertilizer for flowerpots. Eggshell is a complete calcium carbonate, containing up to 1000mg of calcium. After removing the thin film on the inside of the shell and drying it in the sun, grind it finely and sprinkle it evenly over the potted soil or insert the whole into the soil. It is also said that this action can be effective in preventing pests and diseases.

2. Kitchen cleaning

It is said that it has a good effect on cleaning the area around the sink and gas stove with a lot of oil by using the eggshell. Sprinkle with crushed eggshell and rub with a sponge moistened with water to get an excellent effect in removing oil stains cleanly.

Eggshells are also said to be effective not only in kitchens but also in bathrooms. It is said that if you break an egg shell and sprinkle it on a bathtub or washbasin soiled with scale, and then wipe it with a cloth or soft scrubber, it is said to be effective in removing scales cleanly.

3. Bleach

Eggshell has a basic ingredient, so it can be used as a bleaching agent. After boiling the eggshell with baking soda, dry it well, put it in a laundry net or gauze, and put it in when you boil white clothes. Eggshells are said to have a dehumidifying effect as well as a bleaching effect. It is said that it helps to reduce moisture by crushing eggshells that have been dried well in the sun, putting them in a paper cup, and putting them in a closet or shoe cabinet.

4. Wash the tumbler

It is not easy to clean a container with a narrow mouth like a tumbler. It is said that the use of eggshell makes it easier to clean. After crushing the eggshell, put it in a tumbler and mix it with water and detergent. In addition, it is said that not only tumblers but also bottles that are difficult to clean due to the narrow mouth can be washed cleanly in the same way. In addition, eggshells are said to have a good effect when cleaning the blender. If you add eggshell and a little water and operate the blender, you can not only clean the blender blade, but also clean hard-to-clean areas such as grooves and crevices.

5. Remove the sour taste of kimchi with strong sour taste

Egg shells are said to have the effect of reducing the sour taste of kimchi, which has a strong sour taste. If you boil and sterilize an egg shell in boiling water and put it in a kimchi container containing fresh kimchi, the calcium carbonate contained in the egg shell induces a neutralization reaction that regulates acidity, thereby helping to reduce the sour taste of kimchi. It is also known that kimchi can have the effect of slowing down the aging process.

6. Skin beauty

Eggshells are said to have a beneficial effect on the skin as well. The white membrane on the inside of the skin contains hyaluronic acid, which has an excellent moisturizing effect, as well as ingredients beneficial to the skin such as collagen and glucosamine.

Therefore, when the eggshell is put in water and soaked, the shell and the white film are separated. In addition, it is said that you can get the effect of supplying nutrients to the skin by breaking the eggshell and mixing it with 1 egg white to make foam and then applying it on the face, and it is said that it is beneficial for exfoliating the skin.

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