Home Business 5 Must-Have Tech Tools and Gadgets Ideal for DBA Students

5 Must-Have Tech Tools and Gadgets Ideal for DBA Students

5 Must-Have Tech Tools and Gadgets Ideal for DBA Students
5 Must-Have Tech Tools and Gadgets Ideal for DBA Students

Have you recently enrolled in an Executive Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme? Do you have high hopes that by earning your DBA you will be able to land those most coveted senior-level careers? A DBA programme is a huge commitment, and one that will take a lot of time and effort on your part to complete. What that means is that any tool or tech gadget that can make life easier and smoother for you as a student will be a welcome addition.

This is exactly where this handy list of must-have tech tools and gadgets comes in. These items have been specifically selected with DBA students in mind and can act as a shopping list if you will, as you begin your programme and take those initial steps towards your career future.

Desktop Computer

If you consider yourself a bit more old-school, and like the idea of a desktop computer over a laptop, then there are a number of criteria to be mindful of. Because of the amount of time that you’ll be working on your desktop, you may want to look for one that has a large screen. This can help to prevent eyestrain when reading and writing research papers. The DBA programme at Aston University Online takes four to six years to complete, so think about how much time you’ll be looking at that screen. Eyestrain isn’t something you want to contend with.

A few other things to keep in mind include whether or not you want a traditional desktop PC (featuring a screen, the keyboard, and a tower), or the more sleek and modern looking all-in-one units. The all-in-one computer doesn’t have a tower, which means it’s better for those that have limited space. It also just looks great if aesthetics is something you’re concerned with.

A big reason that people choose a desktop over a laptop is the fact they are more powerful and offer more storage space, so with that in mind, be sure you’re taking advantage of these facts and find one that is capable of handling everything you throw at it.

Desktops also tend to offer customisation features, which are such things as how much storage you have, how large the monitor is, the colour, and even the graphics. While you don’t have to choose top of the line everything, it can be worth it to splurge on the features that are most important to you.

Laptop Computer

For those where space is an issue, and you want the freedom to take your computer with you on the go, a laptop is the best option. These tend to be a bit more expensive than computers, and you don’t usually get as much storage, speed, and customised features. While the screen size will be smaller than the over-sized monitors, if you find it’s too small, you could always use an external monitor when working at home. Of course, this will translate to even more money spent.

In terms of what to look for in a laptop that is perfect for your DBA studies, battery life will likely be a top priority. The whole purpose of a laptop is the convenience factor, so if the battery dies too quickly, you’re really not getting the full scope of that flexibility. Besides the battery, you will also want to be mindful of its speed, the weight of the laptop, the storage, and how strong its Wi-Fi connection is.

After taking all that time to find the perfect laptop, make sure you also invest in a good-quality storage/carrying case to keep it safe while not in use.

External Portable Wireless Speaker

Here’s a gadget that may not necessarily help with your studies, but it can make your studying environment much more comfortable. Rather than relying on the built-in speaker in your laptop or computer, which isn’t usually the best quality, you can invest in an external wireless speaker. These can sound just as crisp and impressive as a stereo system, yet they take up a fraction of the space.

If you are listening to any lectures, podcasts, or taking part in Zoom meetings for your classes online, then an external speaker will make a massive difference.

As an added bonus, these speakers can be taken anywhere in the house and act as an external speaker for any Bluetooth device. That means you can have music anywhere you go. There are even waterproof speakers available.

External Flash Drive

Even if you’ve bought a brand-new desktop or laptop, making the assumption that all will be fine and the computer will work as intended isn’t wise. You want to be sure you’re making a habit to back everything up to an external flash drive. This will ensure that no matter what happens to your computer, all your data is safe and unaffected.

The big thing to consider when shopping for these devices is size. Today’s external hard drives start at 2TB and work their way up. A 4TB external hard drive is seen as the pinnacle right now, offering you an absolutely massive amount of storage space.

Besides the storage space, you also want to look into the data transfer speeds. Some are quite sluggish, whereas others will boost “lightning-fast speeds”, which is obviously preferable.

Scheduling Apps

Then there is the fact that, as a DBA student, you are likely very busy. If you’re doing the programme as a part-time student, and/or online, the you’re probably also juggling other responsibilities like work and your personal life. This is where a high-powered, multi-functional scheduling app for your smartphone can make all the difference in the world. It will help keep you on track, ensure you feel in control of everything that needs to be done, and help you make the best use of your time.

A few worth checking out include:

-Google Calendar
-Outlook Calendar

While each of these tech items and gadgets may seem relatively basic, the fact is that they will prove to be absolutely necessary during your time as a DBA student.

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