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5 Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Samsung


1) In the first place, most of the core parts of the iPhone are made by Samsung. As a side effect, Steve Jobs could not properly refute the Samsung product emotionally.

2) Since 1994, Samsung Electronics has been the first Korean company to advertise on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus in London, UK, and since 1992, advertisements in Time Square, New York, USA, are often exposed in Hollywood movies set in Times Square, New York.

3) Since the smartphone competition has intensified, there is a story that Samsung employees are forced to use Samsung products, but this is not common across Samsung. There are some divisions that are afraid to use other than Samsung, but that is not the will of the group as a whole. However, since mobile groupware and various in-house apps are only supported for Galaxy S and Note series, it is difficult to use, and the iPhone is cumbersome even when entering a secure area.

4) Samsung is the largest multinational corporation in South Korea. As of 2021, it is ranked first in the business ranking based on capitalization, and shows an overwhelming gap with the second-placed group in all other areas of corporate evaluation, including market capitalization. It is a group that exerts tremendous influence in all areas of Korea’s economy, society, politics, and culture, except for the size of the company.

5) Samsung Group business unconditionally treats Woori Bank as the only bank with which it operates. It is a very unusual case for an entire group to handle only one bank, but Samsung is really doing this.

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