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5 Best Tips On How To Relieve Muscle Pain


Muscle pain, which means pain in the muscle area, is caused by various causes, such as when you exercise excessively, when you do high-intensity hard work or work, or when you are in a fixed position for a long time. When these muscle pain symptoms appear, excessive use of the muscle causes pain like a throbbing pain, making it impossible to move the body properly, which causes great inconvenience in life. It is said that only a variety of management habits that can be practiced lightly in daily life can help prevent and adequately alleviate these symptoms of muscle pain. Now, let’s check out the various methods that will help relieve muscle pain one by one.

How to relieve muscle pain

1. Massage

Muscle pain is usually caused by excessive use of muscles during excessive exercise or excessive intensity work. It is said that when you massage the area where you have muscle pain, the blood circulation in the area becomes smooth and it helps to loosen the muscles that have been clogged. However, if you massage too hard, it may cause bruising or even more pain in the affected area, so it is recommended to be gentle.

2. Hot and cold compresses

Applying a warm compress using a hot pack is also said to be effective in relieving muscle pain. It is said that when a hot pack is applied to the area where the muscles are clogged, it helps to promote blood circulation and at the same time relaxes the muscles, thereby relieving severe muscle pain symptoms.

In addition to hot compresses, cold compresses using cold packs or ice packs can also help. It is said that it helps to release the lactic acid that accumulates in the muscles and causes muscle pain, relaxes the muscles, and reduces fatigue caused by muscle pain. However, it is recommended not to use the cold compress for too long as it can damage the skin if used for too long. Also, keep in mind that cold compresses are recommended within a day or two after exercise, and warm compresses are recommended two days after muscle stiffness occurs.

3. Half bath

Half-body bathing, in which only the lower body is immersed in a bathtub filled with warm water, is said to help relieve muscle pain. As the warm water expands the peripheral blood vessels in the body, it not only improves blood flow, but also relieves muscle pain by relaxing the cramped muscles and is said to have a good effect in relieving fatigue. In addition, as the constricted blood vessels expand, it not only helps to control blood pressure, but also relieves symptoms such as cold hands and feet by improving blood flow, which is an effect obtained when taking a half-bath. However, if you do it for more than 30 minutes, the salt in the body will decrease excessively due to excessive sweating, and side effects such as decreased physical strength and fatigue may occur.

4. Stretch

It is easy to think that stretching when you have muscle pain causes more severe pain. However, when stretching, it relieves the symptoms of muscle pain and prevents damage to the musculoskeletal system because it helps to relieve tight and tight muscles and facilitates blood flow. However, excessive stretching to relieve muscle pain quickly has the opposite effect, so it is recommended to do stretching with a moderate intensity to relieve the body. After high-intensity exercise and weights, light stretching or light exercise such as walking is said to be more effective in helping muscles recover.

5. Adequate nutrition

It is known that muscle pain symptoms occur more easily when nutrients that help essential metabolism such as muscles, bones, and internal organs are deficient. It is very important to consistently consume meat, legumes, blue-green fish, eggs, nuts, and dairy products that contain high-quality protein as well as essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. In addition, if you do not have enough water in your body, continuing to exercise will cause muscle contractions and muscle spasms, which may worsen muscle pain. Also, after intense exercise, the muscles produce too much free radicals. When you eat various berry fruits such as blueberries and cranberries, it is said that it helps to suppress these excessively generated free radicals, improve the speed of muscle recovery and prevent damage. Other notes

It is important to relieve muscle pain, but it is also very important to minimize the factors that cause muscle pain. Muscle pain usually occurs when you suddenly exercise too much or when you exercise too much, so it is most important to take care of your current physical condition and physical strength and adjust the intensity gradually. Also, if you try to relieve muscle pain with high-intensity exercise after exercising too much, it will cause more damage to your muscles.

In addition, muscle pain is caused by excessive use of muscles, such as strenuous exercise or excessive activity. It can also be caused by Therefore, if the symptoms of muscle pain persist for no particular reason, such as excessive exercise, it is important to visit the hospital to treat the cause of the muscle pain. In addition, it is a good way to decide whether to take the drug after consulting with a specialist because muscle pain symptoms can also occur with drugs such as statins, sumatriptan, and Gardasil.

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