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5 Best Foods that are good for rejuvenation

5 Best Foods that are good for rejuvenation
5 Best Foods that are good for rejuvenation (Pixabay)

In the hot summer, the sweltering weather causes the taste buds to drop, and the energy and stamina to drop a lot. In particular, the reduced energy greatly affects the body’s immunity, causing problems in maintaining homeostasis in the body, increasing the risk of heat-related diseases such as heat stroke and heat stroke. In particular, in summer, in order to forget the heat, we consume excessive amounts of cold ice cream or beverages. In order to help recover energy in summer and reduce fatigue, it is important to drink a sufficient amount of water continuously, get enough sleep and rest, and eat a diet high in various vitamins and minerals. In particular, it can be said that if you regularly consume various foods that are in season in summer and foods that help restore energy in the body, you can recover the decreased energy and get a lot of help in managing your health. So, today, let’s find out what foods help to restore energy and replenish stamina and energy.

Foods that are good for rejuvenation

1. Eel

The first food to help you recover is eel, which is considered a representative stamina boosting food. Eel, which is in season from May to July, is often eaten as a nutritional supplement to restore vitality and strengthen stamina in the sweltering summer. It has a high content ratio of high-quality protein and essential nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium, and iron, so it works well to replenish energy through excellent metabolic activation. In addition, the rich vitamin A component has the effect of preventing fading, and the rich iron component is said to help improve symptoms such as dizziness and lethargy caused by anemia. However, eel is high in lipid content, so it is not recommended for people with weak digestion or diseases such as gout to consume in excess.

2. Ginseng chicken soup

Ginseng chicken soup is food made by adding glutinous rice, jujube, and ginseng to chicken. Chicken, the main ingredient of Ginseng chicken soup, has a high content of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine as well as high-quality protein, so it plays an excellent role as an energy source. In addition, chicken has the advantage that it is easier to digest compared to other meats, so there is no burden on the stomach. In addition, jujube and ginseng, which are the ingredients for Ginseng chicken soup, also have excellent metabolic activity, so they are effective in managing immunity, which is easily lowered in summer.

3. Abalone

Abalone, a low-fat, high-protein food, is one of the most popular seafood. Since it contains abundant protein and amino acids such as taurine and arginine, it has an excellent effect on recovery from fatigue or enhancing vitality. Abalone is also well known as a food suitable as a food for the recovery of the elderly and infirm and as a food for postpartum care for mothers. In addition, taurine, which is abundant in abalone, is excellent in helping to control blood cholesterol levels, and it is also effective in preventing various blood vessel-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.

4. Leek

Leek, a vegetable belonging to the family Liliaceae, has a warm property that boosts the stamina of our body. In particular, it is excellent for increasing the absorption rate of B vitamins involved in energy metabolism, so it has an excellent effect in recovering from fatigue and restoring vitality. In addition, nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which are abundant in leeks, also help promote metabolism and blood circulation, and are known to help restore physical strength and strengthen vitality. Due to these effects of leek, it is said that since ancient times, it has been consumed as a nourishing food to supplement the stamina and lack of energy. On the other hand, people with a lot of heat or skin diseases may have side effects from excessive intake, so it is recommended to avoid excessive intake.

5. Watermelon

During the hot summer months, the body loses a lot of water due to sweating. This lack of water causes thirst and severe fatigue. Watermelon is composed of over 90% of the total composition, so it is excellent as an efficient water source to prevent fatigue and loss of energy due to lack of water. In addition, it is rich in fructose, vitamins A and C, and various minerals, so it is easily absorbed into the body, so it has an excellent effect in helping the body and mind recover from the heat. In addition, the citroline contained in watermelon is known to be effective in promoting diuretic action and also effective in discharging waste products from the body. However, if you consume watermelon in excess, it is recommended not to consume too much before going to sleep, as it may increase the number of times you urinate due to its diuretic effect.

other foods

In addition to the various foods mentioned above, lamb is also rich in high-quality protein, vitamins A and B vitamins, and it is said to be excellent for helping with recovery and physical strength. Lamb is also known to have several health benefits, such as promoting blood circulation and improving indigestion. In addition, foods such as garlic, oysters, octopus, mushrooms, kiwi, eggplant, sea bass, and duck meat have a high content ratio of various vitamins and minerals, which helps to recover from fatigue and improve energy based on excellent metabolism promotion action. do.

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