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5 Best Foods That Are Good For Maintaining And Building Muscle

Foods that are good for maintaining and building muscle
Foods that are good for maintaining and building muscle (Pixabay)

The research team measured specific proteins that affect the formation of leg muscles in groups of men and women in their late 60s and 25 years old. The research team injected insulin once in the morning on an empty stomach and then injected enough insulin to have the same effect as having breakfast, and observed changes in this protein. As a result, the young people’s body did a good job of blocking the muscle’s natural melting overnight, resulting in less muscle loss.

However, in the elderly, insulin did not work as well and did not prevent muscle loss. The conclusion was that the muscles in the elderly naturally lost whenever they sleep. In addition, the research team measured the amount of blood supplied to the legs after a meal, but the blood supply was not as smooth in the elderly as in the young.

As the blood does not supply enough nutrients and hormones to the leg muscles, the muscle shrinks. To prevent this from happening, you need to exercise. As a result of the research conducted by the research team, even in the elderly, if they continued lifting weights three times a week for 20 weeks or more, the blood volume to the muscles increased and the rate of muscle loss could be slowed down.

Foods that are good for maintaining and building muscle

Muscles are the organs responsible for the movement of animals, and account for 70% of water and contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and inorganic salts. These exercises can prevent loss, but you must eat the right foods to maintain and develop your muscles.

There are protein supplements out there for those who like to keep things simple. However, protein supplements tend to taste bad or get boring quickly. Among the foods we eat all the time, there are foods that help build muscle. The following are the foods that are good for muscle building introduced by Medical Daily.com.

1) Chicken

Chicken breast is probably the most common food eaten when dieting or building muscle. However, the difference in protein between chicken breast and other parts is not that great. Therefore, if the chicken breast is tough and difficult to eat, it is okay to eat other parts. Unlike other meats, chicken is low in fat and high in protein.

2) Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids contained abundantly in salmon not only build muscle, but also facilitate blood circulation and promote bone formation. It also contains good fat, which makes you feel fuller than other foods.

3) Sweet Potato

Abstaining from carbohydrates at all is also not good for muscle development. When you need carbohydrates, it is good to eat sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes raise blood sugar levels slowly, resulting in a late feeling of hunger, and a lot of fiber that is good for intestines and digestion. It also contains vitamins A and B, which act as antioxidants.

4) Egg

Eggs are a complete food full of protein. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on metabolism and the immune system.

5) Beef

Beef is rich in amino acids that are good for muscle tissue along with good protein. It also contains many major vitamins and minerals, especially conjugated linoleic acid, which is involved in muscle production.

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