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5 Best Foods For Sinusitis

5 Best Foods For Sinusitis
5 Best Foods For Sinusitis (Pixabay)

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses, empty spaces filled with air in the bones of the face. The official diagnosis is sinusitis because the sinus is the source of inflammation, but it is also commonly called sinusitis. Sinusitis, which is caused by various causes such as infection by viruses, irritants, changes in atmospheric pressure, and physical damage due to trauma, causes various symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, malaise, and drowsiness. In severe cases, it not only accompanies facial tenderness and headache, but when the symptoms worsen, complications such as intra-orbital complications, meningitis, and brain abscesses may occur. Since sinusitis is a disease closely related to a cold, it is most important to prevent a cold and treat it early. In addition, it is recommended to properly manage the temperature and humidity so that the room does not dry out, and at the same time to take care of personal hygiene and drink enough water to prevent dryness of the nasal mucosa. In addition, it can be said that it is an important management habit to prevent sinusitis by constantly eating a variety of foods that help suppress inflammation inside the nose and improve the body’s immune system. Now, let’s find out what kinds of foods are good for sinusitis one by one.

Foods good for sinusitis

1. Garlic

The first food that helps a lot in preventing and managing sinusitis is garlic. Garlic, which has a wide range of uses as an additive to various foods due to its unique pungent taste, has a unique pungent taste and is rich in allicin, the main key ingredient for medicinal effects. This abundant amount of allicin has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect and has a good effect in suppressing inflammation generated in the mucous membrane of the sinuses. In addition, it is known that it is effective in strengthening the immune system, which is closely related to sinusitis, due to the excellent immune activation of ingredients such as selenium and zinc, which are abundant in garlic.

2. Bellflower

Bellflower, which belongs to the Chorongflower family, has a unique bitter taste and is used in various dishes such as stir-fry, pickled radish, deep-fried, and pan-fried rice. It is said that the abundant saponin component suppresses the inflammation of the nasal mucosa and effectively discharges waste products from the respiratory tract, thereby preventing and managing sinusitis. In addition, bellflower is not only excellent in antitussive expectorant action to relieve frequent cough and phlegm, but also has a good effect in preventing related diseases by strengthening bronchial and lung functions.

3. Peanuts

The soybean, which was given the name because the shape of the bean pod resembles jakdu, is also said to be a food with a good effect in preventing sinusitis. Various components such as urease and histidine, which are abundantly contained in green beans, are said to be excellent in soothing and alleviating inflammation generated in the mucous membrane of the sinuses. In addition, green beans are rich in vitamins A and C compared to regular beans, so they are excellent in helping to prevent sinusitis and improve immunity.

4. Jujube

Jujubes, characterized by their crunchy texture and sweet taste, are not only raw, but also harvested and dried thoroughly, and are used in various dishes, sweets, and medicinal foods. It has the effect of suppressing inflammation of the capillaries of the nasal mucosa, so it is said to be very helpful in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis when consumed regularly. In addition, if you regularly consume dried jujubes or jujube tea, it strengthens the immune system and at the same time has an excellent effect in relieving various symptoms such as excessive stress and lack of sleep.

5. Radish

It is a good food for sinusitis, a vegetable that is often used in various dishes. The methyl mercaptan component contained in radish is excellent in suppressing cold bacteria and is effective in preventing colds, which are highly related to the occurrence of sinusitis. In addition, it is excellent in alleviating the symptoms of nasal congestion and headache caused by sinusitis and rhinitis, and has a good effect in relieving chronic cough. In addition, radish contains a lot of vitamin C, so it is said that it can help a lot in preventing sinusitis by maintaining immunity.

Other foods

In addition to the various foods introduced above, various foods such as ginkgo biloba, coltsfoot, loofah, lotus root, and pear are rich in various vitamins and minerals and can help prevent sinusitis by activating immune cells of lymphocytes. On the other hand, excessive consumption of oily and fried foods can dry out the lungs and bronchi, which can worsen sinus symptoms, so it is recommended to control intake. intake should be avoided.

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