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5 Amazing Fish Bone Calcium Benefits And Side Effects


Calcium, which corresponds to the atomic number 20, not only functions as a component of teeth and bones, but also performs essential functions in the body by beneficial effects on muscle and nerve function regulation, blood coagulation, enzyme activation, and metabolism of various nutrients. It can be said that it is an inorganic substance. When calcium, which plays such an important role, is deficient in our body, it not only causes problems such as a decrease in bone mass and muscle contraction and cramping, but also increases the risk of various diseases such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and rickets. In particular, it can be said that it is a mineral that is essential for normal skeletal development and growth of children and adolescents in the growth stage.

Fish bone calcium refers to a product made by melting the bones of these fish by heating them at a high temperature of about 1000℃ for 3 hours or more. It means calcium in the form of calcium phosphate, which accounts for about 85% of human bones. It is a natural low-molecular calcium that can only absorb pure calcium and is well known to have various beneficial effects on the body including bone health. Now, let’s take a look at more detailed information about the effects of fish bone calcium one by one.

Main effects of fish bone calcium

1. High Calcium Absorption Rate

Seaweed calcium, coral calcium, and shell calcium extracted from seaweeds, corals, and shells, etc., respectively, are not well absorbed by our body due to their high molecular properties, and because they are synthesized, they can cause various side effects and heavy metals. There is a risk of contamination of However, fish bone calcium loses all organic matter except for calcium during the heating process, so it is made into a low molecular weight form of natural calcium.

With these characteristics, it can be said that the absorption rate is higher than that of synthetic calcium and the risk of heavy metal contamination is low. In addition, fish bone calcium contains about 85% of human bones, and the fact that it is in the form of calcium phosphate, which is a mixture of calcium and phosphorus in a 2:1 ratio, also plays an important role in increasing absorption.

2. Prevention of osteoporosis

Fish bone calcium is said to help prevent osteoporosis, a disease that increases the risk of fractures due to decreased bone density and weakened bone strength due to the high calcium absorption rate of fish bone calcium. In particular, osteoporosis is known as a representative disease of the menopause, as the lack of secretion of female hormones decreases bone density after menopause. Fish bone calcium is known to have a beneficial effect in preventing osteoporosis, which is a high incidence rate during menopause, due to its excellent calcium absorption rate.

3. Diet

Calcium also plays a role in helping the smooth metabolism of various essential nutrients that are directly involved in maintaining the normal function of metabolism. This action promotes the rapid decomposition of body fat and inhibits the synthesis of fat, which is said to have a beneficial effect on diet. In addition, it helps to suppress appetite by helping the smooth secretion of neurotransmitters in the brain. Insufficient calcium intake leads to accumulation of body fat and thickens the waist circumference, and as there are various research results that show that a high-calcium diet increases the excretion of fat through feces. When consumed, it is said to be beneficial for weight control and loss.

4. Heart Health

Calcium is responsible for maintaining and regulating the normal function of muscles in our body, and by this mechanism of action, it plays an important role in helping the muscles of the heart move smoothly. While magnesium helps the heart muscle relax, calcium is beneficial in helping the heart muscle contract. When fish bone calcium is consumed continuously by the action of calcium, it not only helps the regular beating of the heart to help the smooth flow of blood, but also prevents the formation of blood clots that harden blood in the blood vessels and obstruct the flow of blood, thereby improving the overall health of the heart. It is said to be very helpful in promoting health and preventing related diseases.

5. Nerve stability

Calcium also plays an important physiological role in helping the smooth secretion of neurotransmitters in the brain. In particular, it can be said to perform an important function as a natural nervous system stabilizer because calcium acts to relieve the central nervous system when excited or feeling anxious or anxious. In particular, during the menopause mentioned above, not only osteoporosis, but also various symptoms such as anxiety and depression, which can easily lead to sleep disturbance and depression. It is known to give

Side Effects and Notes on Ingestion

Although fish bone calcium has various effects as introduced above, it is recommended not to consume too much calcium because calciumemia, kidney stones, and constipation may occur if you take too much calcium. The daily intake of calcium is 650-700 mg for women and 700-750 mg for men, so it is recommended not to exceed this amount.

When taking fish bone calcium, it is said that it is a good way to consume ingredients that can increase calcium absorption, such as vitamin D, vitamins, and polygamma-glutamic acid. Among them, polygamma-glutamic acid is a component that helps promote the absorption of calcium in the body. This polygamma-glutamic acid component can be consumed as a functional food, and it is said that foods such as cheonggukjang and natto contain a large amount. In addition, in order to further increase the absorption of calcium, it is said that it is effective to take it when digestive juice is secreted after a meal rather than on an empty stomach before a meal.

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