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4 Main Benefits Of Doing Hula Hoop Exercise

4 Main Benefits Of Doing Hula Hoop Exercise
4 Main Benefits Of Doing Hula Hoop Exercise (Pixabay)

A hula hoop is an exercise in which a plastic ring with a diameter of about 1m is placed on the waist and rotated continuously to prevent it from falling. The history is long enough that records remain that hoops were made from dried grape vines in Egypt and Greece BC and used as a playful game. In the late 1950s, when plastic products were released, hula hoops became very popular around the world. The origin of the name of the hula hoop is said to have been derived from the fact that the Hawaiian folk dance, hula dance, is similar to spinning the hoop. In the past, hula hoop was used a lot as a game where the rule was not to fall to the ground, but since various health effects have been revealed, it has been used a lot as an exercise method for health management. Not only does it have the advantage of not being constrained by space and time, there is no risk of injury, and since it does not cost much, it has the advantage of being able to do it without much burden. It can also be done while watching TV or listening to music, so it also reduces the boredom that can be followed by repetitive workouts. Now, let’s learn more about the exercise effect of the hula hoop. hula hoop exercise

1. Improving intestinal function

The first effect you will get when you use the hula hoop regularly is the improvement of bowel function. It is said that it has a good effect on smoothing intestinal function by continuously stimulating the intestine through the process of turning it around the waist. In addition, the effect of massaging the abdomen like this helps smooth metabolism and discharges accumulated waste products in the intestine, and is known to help a lot in improving constipation.

2. Weight control effect

The hula hoop also has the advantage of aerobic exercise that burns calories quickly, so it is said to have a good effect on weight loss. According to the results of several studies, it is reported that 30 minutes of exercise can burn about 210 kcal. In particular, as the hula hoop is an exercise that uses the waist, stomach, and pelvis to turn the hoop, it burns the fat accumulated in the abdomen and helps to reduce belly fat and flank fat, which are difficult to lose, and has a beneficial effect on improving abdominal obesity.

3. Muscle strengthening

Hula hoops are also said to have an excellent effect on strengthening muscles. It not only has the effect of strengthening the abdominal muscles by increasing abdominal strength and elasticity, but also has a good effect on developing the muscles of the arms, hips, lower back, and lower body. In addition, the lower back muscles have less movement than other body muscles, so it is not easy to strengthen them. It is known that it is good for strengthening the back muscles and correcting the pelvis through the process of moving these parts repeatedly.

4. Strengthen cardiorespiratory function

Because the hula hoop has the characteristics of aerobic exercise using the whole body such as arms, legs, and waist, it is said to be effective in strengthening cardiopulmonary function. In addition, this effect of moving the whole body has the effect of helping control cholesterol and blood sugar, so it can help prevent various adult diseases. It is also said to help prevent diseases.

other exercise effects

If the ankle or knee joint is not good, it can be difficult to do various exercises. However, the hula hoop has the advantage of being able to do it without pressure because it does not put pressure on the spine or joints. It is also known to have beneficial effects in reducing negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and stress, and helping to find emotional stability. How to hula hoop exercise

In order to get good exercise effects of hula hoop, it is important to perform it in the right way. When you hula hoop, first stretch enough. And I keep my stride at shoulder width and turn the hula hoop using only my waist with my arms and shoulders fixed. If you keep turning it to one side, it can put strain on your lower back and even cause lower back pain. In addition, it is recommended to rotate the hula hoop while maintaining the proper speed rather than rotating it too quickly. In addition, when choosing a hula hoop, it is said that you can get a higher calorie consumption effect by choosing something that is moderately heavy rather than too light. It is said that if you hula hoop while exercising your arm muscles using a water bottle or light weight dumbbells, you can get a higher exercise effect.

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