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4 Amazing Benefits OF Platycladus Orientalis


Platycladus orientalis is an evergreen arboreal tree that belongs to the gymnosperm conifers, subclass Conifers, and Arboraceae, and is widely distributed in Korea and China. It is said that the name cheokbaek means standing sideways. Platycladus orientalis, which is rooted in very barren soil like a crevice of rocks, and has strong vitality to live more than 100 years, is called a tree that becomes a god and has been treated with great respect. It is widely cultivated as an ornamental tree, garden tree, and hedge due to its sharp needle-shaped leaves, a tree shape that runs opposite to each other with the branches in the middle, and a unique strong scent. In addition, the leaves and fruits of Platycladus orientalis have excellent medicinal properties and have been widely used as medicines to treat various diseases since ancient times. The leaves of Platycladus orientalis have the herbal name of arborvitae, and when the leaves are steamed and dried about 9 times and powdered, they are known to be excellent in treating and preventing various diseases. Also, the seeds of Platycladus orientalis are said to be white jain, which has been widely used as a medicinal for nourishment and tonic. In addition, it has been known that Platycladus orientalis has various effects such as removing bad odors from the body, strengthening bones, and darkening hair. Now, let’s take a closer look at the main effects of Platycladus orientalis.

Platycladus orientalis main benefits

1. nervous stability

The first effect of Platycladus orientalis can be said to be beneficial in stabilizing the sensitive nerves. The leaves of Platycladus orientalis are not only rich in essential oil, which gives off a refreshing and refreshing scent, but also contains a component called aromadendren. These ingredients are said to be helpful in reducing excessive mental stress, which is the cause of various diseases by stabilizing the sensitive nerves and disturbing the autonomic nervous system.

In addition, when sensitive nerves and mental stress become chronic, negative emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, and depression are gradually amplified, which can cause mental disorders such as depression and symptoms of head disorders such as insomnia. Platycladus orientalis is said to have a beneficial effect in preventing various physical abnormalities caused by chronic stress.

2. Inhibition of inflammation

Platycladus orientalis is also known to have beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce overactive inflammation in the body. It helps a lot in preventing and improving symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as cystitis, enteritis, and nephritis caused by excessive production of inflammation. In addition, it is known to have a good effect on improving the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease that causes symptoms such as red spots and scales in areas with a lot of sebum.

3. Lowering blood pressure

Platycladus orientalis has a beneficial effect on blood pressure lowering by lowering the level of blood pressure, so it can help prevent high blood pressure caused by higher than normal blood pressure. In addition, due to the tannins contained in Platycladus orientalis, it is said to be excellent in bleeding inhibition and hemostasis. It is said to have a beneficial effect in preventing bleeding from trauma and at the same time preventing bleeding from the colon and rectum, hematuria, nosebleeds, and hematemesis.

4. Promotion of bronchial health

It is said that the flavonoids, tannins, and essential oils contained in Platycladus orientalis protect the bronchi and help to promote overall health of the bronchi by suppressing inflammation that may be generated in the bronchi. At the same time, it is said to have a good effect on antitussive expectoration, such as stopping frequent coughing and clearing phlegm. Due to the excellent pharmacological action of these bronchial tubes, it has been widely used in oriental medicine since ancient times to treat bronchial diseases such as asthma.

Other benefits of Platycladus Orientalis

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Platycladus orientalis is said to have beneficial effects as a nourishing tonic that restores energy and strengthens the energy of the five intestines. In addition, it is said that it helps to relieve the symptoms of painful customs and to heal wounds that have been engulfed by burns.

It is also known to protect the stomach and help improve symptoms such as stroke, cold sweat, and constipation. In addition, Platycladus orientalis promotes hair growth and helps prevent hair loss. Due to this effect of helping hair health, Platycladus orientalis extract is widely used as a main ingredient in shampoos and hair-related functional products.

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