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4 Amazing Benefits Of Ligularia Stenocephala (and side effects)


Ligularia stenocephala is a perennial plant that belongs to the dicotyledonous plant, Asteraceae, and is widely distributed in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Ligularia stenocephala, which grows to a height of 60 to 100 cm, grows wild in the deep mountains and wetlands. The flowers and leaves are very similar to Gomchwi, and the leaves are slightly smaller than Gomchwi, and it can be said that the lower part of the leaves is wide open. Ligularia stenocephala, characterized by its unique aroma, taste, and soft texture, is often eaten as a wrap, blanched, or stir-fried, and is widely used as an ingredient in various dishes such as pickled vegetables, songpyeon, and kimchi. In addition, Ligularia stenocephala has a high content of minerals such as calcium and iron, as well as antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols, so it is well known to have various beneficial effects on the body. Due to these effects, it has been widely used as a medicine to treat various diseases such as joint disease and lung disease since ancient times. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits of Ligularia stenocephala.

Ligularia stenocephala main effects

1. Bone Health

Ligularia stenocephala is rich in calcium, a mineral that plays the most important role in building bones. This rich calcium helps to increase bone mass and maintains the smooth functioning of the muscles that play a role in protecting bones, which is said to help promote bone health.

In addition, the lack of calcium causes the weakening of bone density and acts as a cause of osteoporosis. In addition, the calcium contained abundantly in Ligularia stenocephala is known to have a beneficial effect on the skeletal development of children and adolescents during the growth period.

2. Joint health

Joints, which are the areas where bones are connected to each other, are essential for activity and movement. If it is weakened or damaged, it not only limits normal movement, but also causes pain and various related diseases. Ligularia stenocephala is rich in flavonoids, which are excellent antioxidants. In addition, Ligularia stenocephala is rich in polyphenols that have antioxidant power as powerful as flavonoids, and the amount is much higher than that of green tea. This rich polyphenol component is said to help prevent cartilage damage from free radicals and reduce inflammation in the joints. In fact, in a study conducted at various universities in Korea, research results were published that the intake of Ligularia stenocephala extract reduced the pain caused by arthritis and reduced the level of inflammation at the same time.

3. Blood circulation

Various antioxidants rich in Ligularia stenocephala not only protect blood vessels from free radicals, but also prevent the formation of inflammation in blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow and promoting overall health of blood vessels. In addition, Ligularia stenocephala helps to suppress the formation of thrombus, which causes blood flow to decrease due to the clotting of blood circulating inside the body, thereby preventing various vascular diseases caused by excessive thrombus formation. there is said to be.

4. Lung health

Ligularia stenocephala is said to have a good effect on strengthening the lungs, stopping frequent coughing, and clearing phlegm. Due to these related actions, it has been used a lot as an antitussive expectorant to stop coughing and reduce phlegm from ancient times. In addition, it is known to have a good effect in treating various diseases such as asthma, in which various symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, rough breathing, wheezing, etc.

Other effects and side effects to be aware of when ingesting

In addition to the various effects introduced above, Ligularia stenocephala also has the effect of regulating blood sugar, so if you drink it as a decoction, it is said to be beneficial in preventing diabetes and improving symptoms through its antidiabetic action. In addition, it has a good effect on the bowel movement, which helps the large intestine function normally, and is said to be effective in improving the symptoms of constipation. In addition, it is said to have a good effect on improving liver function and improving liver diseases such as hepatitis due to the effect of decomposing the toxins accumulated in the liver. In addition, in oriental medicine, the root of Ligularia stenocephala is said to be widely used as a medicine to treat gynecological diseases.

Although Ligularia stenocephala has various effects, it is recommended to consume within the range of 200g, which is known as the recommended daily intake, as excessive intake can cause side effects such as abdominal pain. In addition, Ligularia stenocephala, which is collected in the wild, has a similar appearance to the poisonous herb, so it can be confused, so you need to pay special attention to its collection and consumption.

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