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3 Best Exercise Tips For Diabetes

3 Best Exercise Tips For Diabetes
3 Best Exercise Tips For Diabetes (Pixabay)

Diabetes is a type of metabolic disease that causes abnormal symptoms by abnormally high glucose in the blood. In order for our body to use the glucose required for normal metabolism in each cell, a hormone called insulin is needed. Diabetes mellitus causes various abnormalities such as dry mouth, increased urine output, fatigue, and weight loss. In addition, if hyperglycemia persists for a long time, the risk of developing various complications such as retinopathy, cardiovascular disease, renal dysfunction, and neuropathy increases. Diabetes can be caused by congenital factors, but it is known that environmental factors such as high calorie, high fat diet, lack of exercise, and stress have a major influence on the occurrence of diabetes due to westernization of diet. If you lose 5-7% of your body weight through these lifestyle modifications, you can delay or prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, it is very important to improve various lifestyles for weight control. In particular, regular exercise is an essential factor in managing diabetes. So today, let’s look at various exercises that can help prevent diabetes and relieve symptoms.

good exercise for diabetes

1. walking

The first exercise that is good for diabetes is walking. Walking exercise is a representative aerobic exercise recommended for diabetic patients because it excels in regulating blood sugar. The appropriate amount of exercise for walking is 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, and it is said that it is effective to do it more than 3 times a week. It is also important to maintain correct posture in order to see the better exercise effect of walking exercise. After raising your neck, straighten your back muscles, pull your chin slightly, look 10~15m ahead, swing your arms back and forth naturally according to your stride length, and walk while breathing enough.

2. Jogging

Jogging is an exercise that can be done relatively easily without special investment in time and money, just like walking introduced earlier, and it is said to have a good effect on diabetes management. While jogging and repeating light jogging movements, the abdominal visceral fat and body fat are decomposed smoothly, and it is said that it is effective in lowering blood sugar by helping the metabolism of glucose. In addition, it has an excellent effect in strengthening the cardiopulmonary function by stimulating the heart and lungs during the running process. It is said that when jogging, it is recommended to walk steadily on flat ground at twice the speed of one’s usual walking.

3. Bike

Cycling is also one of the aerobic exercises that can help prevent and manage diabetes. It is said that it does not put too much strain on the body, and since it sits and carries the weight, it is said that even diabetic patients who are burdened with weight bearing can exercise relatively safely by minimizing the weight load on the lower extremities. In addition to diabetic feet, it is said that it can be a good exercise for those who have difficulty in weight-bearing exercise, such as when the joints are weak due to obesity or menopause, or when the lower back is not good. However, when riding a bicycle, there is always a risk of accidents or injuries, so it is recommended to ride with good protective equipment.

other exercise

Even moderate-intensity strength training can help a lot in managing diabetes. If diabetic patients continue to exercise, it can help prevent musculoskeletal pain as well as lower cardiovascular risk factors and prevent the onset of various complications. In addition, if various exercises such as aerobics and yoga are performed properly, it is said that it can increase the utilization of glucose, reduce the amount of fat accumulation, and get a good effect in helping to improve insulin sensitivity.

Precautions during exercise

It is said that in order to get good effects of the various exercises introduced above, it is recommended to do it with moderate intensity without overdoing it. Also, if you are using insulin injections or have diabetes-related complications, exercise that consumes calories and sweats in a short period of time can cause worsening of symptoms, so it is recommended to consult with your doctor before exercising. And it is said that exercising after a meal rather than before a meal can help control blood sugar, so you can get a better effect. However, if the complications of diabetes are severe, it is recommended to rest after eating as much as possible without exercising. In addition, when diabetes occurs, blood circulation is not good, so there is a high risk of foot ulcers, and wounds do not recover well. Therefore, patients with dull foot sensation should check the feet for wounds and foreign substances before exercising, and avoid wearing tight socks or shoes.

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