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3 Amazing Benefits Of Foot Bath

3 Amazing Benefits Of Foot Bath
3 Amazing Benefits Of Foot Bath (Pixabay)

The feet not only support the body when standing or walking, but also play an important role in absorbing shocks when moving and walking. It is connected to the nerves of the body’s five internal organs and is connected to numerous blood vessels, so if your feet are tired, it will affect the overall health of our body. The reason why the feet are called the second heart simply shows that the health of the feet is just as important. It is known that various health management such as foot bath and massage are effective in relieving the fatigue of the feet, which plays an important role, and improving blood circulation. Among them, a foot bath by immersing your feet in warm water is known to have excellent beneficial effects on the body, such as smoothing the overall metabolism of the body, improving blood flow, and smoothly discharging waste products accumulated in the body. Now, let’s learn more about the effects of foot bathing on our body one by one.

Various benefits of foot bath

1. blood circulation

Since the feet are made up of nerve cells and blood vessels connected to each organ of the five internal organs, the foot bath warms the feet and circulates the blood flowing throughout the body. In addition, the smoothed blood flow expands the blood vessels, and it is said that it has an excellent effect in helping increase blood flow by breaking through blocked blood vessels.

In addition, this effect of increasing blood flow is said to have a good effect in improving and preventing cold hands and feet, which is caused by various related symptoms such as numbness and blue changes in hands and feet due to poor blood circulation.

2. Excretion of waste products

It is said that if you soak your feet in warm water, you can get a good effect in facilitating metabolism and discharging sweat from the entire body, which is also good for discharging waste products accumulated inside the body. It is also said to be effective in preventing and relieving swelling of the body, which is prone to occur due to the accumulation of waste products, and swelling that may occur in arms and legs. In addition, it is known that it is effective in enhancing the immune system, the shield of our body, as it exerts a good effect on the rise of body temperature and basal metabolic rate due to the accelerated metabolism when taking a foot bath.

3. Fatigue recovery

Weight-bearing feet are said to be one of the parts of the body where fatigue accumulates the most. In particular, it can be said that foot fatigue is more severe in occupational groups that stand for a long time or wear high-heeled and hard shoes and shoes for a long time. The foot is the site of the collection of nerves and blood points throughout the body, and the accumulated fatigue of the foot causes problems in the smooth functioning of the body organs. There is. When you take a foot bath, the blood circulates smoothly throughout the body due to the increased blood flow, and at the same time, it is said that it has a good effect in relieving fatigue by relaxing the joints and muscles that were clogged. These related effects are said to help relieve symptoms such as numbness in the legs as well as prevent diseases such as varicose veins.

other effects

Soaking chestnuts in warm water activates the parasympathetic nerves and stimulates the peripheral nerves at the same time, thereby relaxing the tense muscles of the body and helping to stabilize the sensitive nerves. These related actions can help improve psychological stability, which can be very helpful in improving symptoms of sleep disorders such as insomnia. In addition, the nerves that are relaxed through stimulation of the parasympathetic nerves are said to have a beneficial effect in relieving stress properly. In addition, foot bath is known to be effective in preventing colds, suppressing the accumulation of body fat, and eliminating athlete’s foot and foot odor.

How to take a foot bath and precautions

It is not difficult to do a foot bath, and you can do it in a simple way. It is said that you can put warm water at 40~42℃, which is a little higher than body temperature, in a basin, and soak your feet. At this time, the amount of water is said to be adequate to contain the ankle bones. In addition, it is recommended to take a foot bath for 20 to 30 minutes because it can cause fatigue if you take it for too long. Also, adding 2-3 drops of oil such as peppermint or lavender when taking a foot bath is said to help stabilize the mind and body. After you finish the foot bath, if there is any moisture remaining, it can cause skin diseases, so you should remove the moisture as cleanly as possible.

When taking a foot bath, it is recommended to keep the temperature around 40~42℃ as mentioned above because if you take a footbath at too high a temperature for a long time, it can cause a rise in blood pressure. Also, if you have diabetes or cardiovascular disease, if the temperature of the water exceeds 40°C, blood pressure and heart rate rise, which can constrict skin, muscles, and blood vessels. do. Also, if you take a foot bath the day after you drink too much, it is recommended to avoid it as it increases the risk of blood pressure rise.

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