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Why You Shouldn’t Blow Your Nose Hard

Why You Shouldn't Blow Your Nose Hard
Why You Shouldn’t Blow Your Nose Hard (Pixabay)

A runny nose, also called rhinorrhea, is a phenomenon in which watery mucus flows out in large quantities from the nasal mucosa. While maintaining the humidity inside the nose, various components such as immunoglobulin in the runny nose play a role in protecting the body from external substances. Even in a healthy state, our body secretes an average of 0.7 liters of runny nose per day, and when diseases such as colds, sinusitis, and allergic rhinitis occur, more runny nose is secreted. If the secretion of runny nose increases in this way, you unconsciously blow your nose hard for smooth discharge. However, blowing the nose too hard can damage the blood vessels in the nose due to the strong pressure, which can lead to the occurrence of various diseases. So today, we’re going to talk about why you shouldn’t blow your nose too hard.

Why You Shouldn’t Blow Your Nose Hard

Blowing too hard on a blocked nose can cause a blood vessel in the nose to burst. Numerous thin blood vessels are distributed in the mucous membrane inside the nose, and even a small impact can cause bleeding. Therefore, if you blow your nose too hard, the strong pressure will make it easier for you to bleed. Especially in the cold winter or changing seasons, the mucous membrane in the nose becomes dry and weakens.

Also, blowing your nose too hard can damage your eardrums. The tube connecting the nose and the ear is called the ear tube, and it is normally closed, but when you yawn or swallow saliva, the muscle of the ear tube opens and closes. If you blow your nose hard due to this action, a large amount of pressure is transmitted to the ear canal, causing the ear to become dazed and full at the same time, and in severe cases, it can even cause damage to the eardrum. This damage to the eardrum can lead to conditions such as a perforation of the eardrum. Inflammation in the nose can also enter the ear and cause diseases such as acute otitis media.

And there are times when you feel a tingling sensation in your head when you blow your nose hard. This phenomenon is said to be caused by an increase in blood pressure and a sudden drop in the pulse rate. In particular, if you have a disease such as a cerebral aneurysm, which is vulnerable to blood pressure, if you continue to blow your nose hard, it may cause a situation such as cerebral hemorrhage.

How to blow your nose well

1. Habit of blowing one nose at a time

When both nostrils are blown out at once, more pressure is transmitted to the ear canal, which makes it easier for the aforementioned problems to occur. Therefore, it is good to have a habit of closing and releasing the block by lightly pressing on one side, and then unscrewing the other side. It is said that when you blow your nose, you can prevent damage to the eardrum and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as otitis media by gently blowing the nose in 2~3 times, rather than blowing strongly.

2. Nasal washing with saline

Even if you blow your nose hard, there are many cases where the runny nose does not drain well, so washing the nose with physiological saline is a good way to do it. Since the sodium concentration of physiological saline is set to 0.9%, the same as that of our body fluids, it is said to be effective in helping the smooth discharge of runny nose. Washing should be done alternately through both nostrils, and if you have a cold or rhinitis, it is desirable to wash your nose once a day. And it is recommended to be careful because blowing your nose hard right after washing your nose can cause pain or otitis media.

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