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Prevention of bronchiectasis symptoms and treatment


The bronchus, which refers to the passageway connecting the lungs and the trachea, not only serves as a passageway for breathing air to the lungs, but also plays an important role, such as removing and expelling foreign substances and bacteria from the outside through the ciliary movement of the bronchial mucosa and mucus. I am doing Bronchiectasis refers to a condition in which the muscles and elastic components of the bronchi are damaged, and the degree of extension of the walls of the bronchi is out of the normal range.

The major cause of bronchiectasis is an infection that causes an inflammatory response. Viruses such as influenza virus and adenovirus, as well as various bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and anaerobic bacteria are known as major triggers of bronchiectasis. It is also reported that children who suffered from measles, tuberculosis, and whooping cough as a child can also affect the development of bronchiectasis.

In addition, various environmental factors such as smoking, a polluted space with a lot of dust and toxic gas, and air pollution are also triggering factors that affect the occurrence of bronchiectasis, even when autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome are present. It has been known to accompany bronchiectasis as a complication. Now, let’s learn more about the main symptoms of bronchiectasis, as well as various information related to treatment and prevention.

Main symptoms of bronchiectasis

The main symptom of bronchiectasis is the discharge of yellow sputum. It is also possible to distinguish the severity of bronchiectasis by the discharge of sputum. If the daily sputum discharge is less than 10ml, it is classified as mild, between 10 and 150ml as moderate, and more than 150ml as severe. Along with the discharge of these yellow sputum, blood sputum mixed with the sputum may be discharged, and if the symptoms are more severe, a large amount of hemoptysis may occur due to bleeding from the bronchial arteries. In addition to the discharge of sputum, symptoms such as chronic cough, shortness of breath, and bad odor may occur during breathing, and may be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, and weight loss.

The progression of bronchiectasis can be difficult to recognize because it progresses from several months to several years, and it can be easy to confuse because there are many similarities to the symptoms of a cold. If the treatment time is missed in this way, it will be accompanied by various difficulties in life due to worsening of symptoms, causing great discomfort. In addition, the risk of chronic obstructive disease caused by secondary bacteria in the bronchus increases, and the risk of various complications such as lung abscess and pneumothorax increases. Therefore, if you recognize the early symptoms of suspected symptoms or if the symptoms of a cold persist for several weeks, it is important to receive appropriate tests and treatment, and it is important to prevent chronicity and recurrence by implementing various lifestyle habits that help improve symptoms.

Treatment and prevention of bronchiectasis

1. Diagnosis and treatment

In the examination of bronchiectasis, various tests such as CT scan, X-ray test, and lung function test are performed to check whether the airway is damaged or not. Once the bronchial wall is damaged, it cannot be regenerated and returned to its original state, so drug treatment and various surgical treatments are performed for the purpose of treatment to prevent worsening of symptoms and prevent related complications rather than a treatment concept aimed at curing. . Medication is treated with various drugs such as antibiotics, bronchodilators, and mucolytics. will be implemented taking into account.

2. No smoking

Smoking not only reduces the resistance to bacterial infection in the alveoli, but also reduces the ability to clear mucus from the airway mucosa, which is known as a major risk factor for the development of bronchiectasis and lung-related complications. In addition, it is recommended to avoid staying in these places for a long time because air pollution and closed polluted spaces with a lot of toxic gases and toxic substances can also cause bronchiectasis.

3. Personal hygiene management

In order to prevent bronchiectasis, thorough personal hygiene through hand washing and gargling, etc. and meticulous management are also very important management habits. It is also very important to maintain cleanliness in the indoor space where you spend a lot of time, and it is also important to control the humidity by using a humidifier and wet towels to prevent the room from drying out. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from going out as much as possible during fine dust and severe weather conditions, and to wear a mask even when going out.

4. Drinking enough fluids and exercising

It is also important to drink enough water a day to prevent and treat bronchiectasis. This fluid intake softens the substances secreted by the lungs, making it easier to excrete phlegm and help stop coughing. It is also said that it is a good way to reduce the intake of stimulant foods along with this water intake, and to eat vegetables, fruits, and blue-green fish that help strengthen the bronchial and lung functions, and increase immunity.

In addition, regular exercise such as walking, mountain climbing, and walking to help strengthen lung function is also said to help prevent bronchiectasis. Also, please note that getting the flu vaccine every year or getting the pneumococcal vaccine every 5 years is a good way to prevent bronchiectasis in advance.

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