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Pineapple Vinegar Benefits and Side Effects


Pineapple belongs to the monocotyledonous family of pineapples and is a tropical fruit native to northern and central South America. It is characterized by a rich sugar content and soft texture, and is known to have an excellent effect on recovery from fatigue and helping digestion and meat tenderness due to its high content of vitamins and enzymes. Pineapple is not only consumed directly as a raw fruit, but is also widely distributed as canned food and juice, and is also consumed in many processed forms such as dried confections, jams, and jellies using pineapple slices. As such, pineapple, which has various effects and a wide range of uses, can be fermented in vinegar, a representative fermented food, and consumed as pineapple vinegar. The high sugar content of pineapple neutralizes the strong sour taste of pineapple, so it has an advantage as a natural fruit vinegar that is easy to consume. there is. Now, let’s check the main effects of pineapple vinegar and the side effects to be aware of when ingesting them one by one.

Main Benefits of Pineapple Vinegar

1. Inhibition of body fat accumulation

When pineapple is soaked in vinegar, organic acids are produced during the fermentation process, which facilitates metabolism and increases energy consumption. Intake of other foods due to these related actions increases the metabolic rate of those foods and reduces fat accumulation. And it is known that it can help reduce belly fat by helping to reduce body fat by increasing the energy metabolism rate.

2. Digestion

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down proteins. This rich bromelain is also fully contained in pineapple vinegar, so it acts as a digestive enzyme that quickly breaks down proteins, which has a good effect on smooth digestion. In addition, it is said to be effective in relieving symptoms such as bloating and gas, and also in relieving constipation symptoms.

3. Fatigue recovery

It is said that the organic acid generated during the fermentation process of pineapple helps the production of lactic acid that causes fatigue, and it is said to have a good effect in recovering from fatigue by facilitating the metabolism. In addition, pineapple vinegar contains vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant, and vitamin B complex, which is involved in energy metabolism in the body.

other effects

The various vitamins contained in pineapple vinegar help suppress the formation of blood clots, which are clots that harden blood in the blood vessels, and help to lower the viscosity of the blood. It is said that the prevention effect of various blood vessel-related adult diseases and cerebrovascular diseases can also be obtained through these related actions. In addition, pineapple vinegar has the effect of reducing the level of excessively activated inflammation, so it can help prevent inflammatory diseases and improve the immune system.

Side effects to watch out for when consuming pineapple vinegar

Although pineapple vinegar has various effects, there are also side effects to be aware of. Because of the acidity of the esophagus, excessive intake may cause stomach damage, so avoid overdose, especially on an empty stomach. In addition, it is recommended that those who have a bad stomach should not consume vinegar because it can cause excessive stomach acid due to the acidity of vinegar, which can cause symptoms such as heartburn and abdominal pain. How to make pineapple vinegar

To make pineapple vinegar, first cut the pineapple flesh including the pineapple core and put it in a container. Then, natural fermented vinegar and brown sugar or unrefined sugar are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. After that, pour vinegar mixed with sugar into the container containing the pineapple at a ratio of 1:1, and let it mature at room temperature for about 2 weeks. It is said that the aged pineapple vinegar is sieved and eaten separately in a container. When consuming pineapple vinegar, it is recommended to mix it with water in a ratio of 1:9. It is recommended to be careful when ingesting a high proportion of vinegar as it can cause various side effects caused by the above-mentioned overdose.

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