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Netflix announces ‘Squid Game’ reality competition with $4 million prize


Online video service Netflix announced on the 14th local time that it would hold an actual ‘squid game’ contest with a prize money of close to $5 million (US).

On the same day, Netflix announced on Twitter that it would produce a reality program called ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’, in which participants compete in real competition for $4.56 million in prize money by borrowing the story of the Korean drama ‘Squid Game’.

Netflix emphasized that this contest has the largest cash prize of any reality show ever and the largest number of participants ever.

Various games that appeared in the drama Squid Game and games newly added by Netflix will determine the final winner.

Anyone in the world can apply for this program through the online site (SquidGameCasting.com), as long as the English-speaking public is available.

Netflix advertised, “Contrary to the content of the drama, contestants are not injured.”

‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ will be made in 10 episodes and will be filmed in the UK.

“The captivating story and iconic image of ‘The Squid Game’ created by director Dong-hyeok Hwang has taken the world by storm,” said Brandon Rig, senior vice president of Netflix.

“The 456 real contenders will set out on a voyage in the largest competition ever full of tension and twists,” he said.

The drama ‘Squid Game’ is a work that tells the story of participants playing a survival game to win a prize of KRW 45.6 billion.

Bloomberg News analyzed that Netflix is ​​trying to recover subscribers with the franchise of ‘Squid Game’, which has confirmed the production of season 2 as well as a reality show.

In April, Netflix announced that the number of paid subscribers in the first quarter decreased by 200,000 compared to the fourth quarter of last year.

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