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Myths and truths about coffee


Misconceptions about coffee No. 1 Helper of coffee diet success?

It is a myth that coffee helps you lose weight. It inhibits and increases the body’s metabolism, so it may help to some extent to prevent weight gain.

However, there is no definitive increase in caffeine in coffee that consistently decreases in weight loss.

Rather, when consuming caffeine products for weight loss, blood pressure increases, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia

There may be side effects that cannot be ignored.

Coffee, which is high in calories and fat, increases weight, so please refrain from consuming it as much as possible.

So, rather than consuming coffee indiscriminately, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Misconception about coffee No.2 Coffee cream is vegetable oil, so OK?

Vegetable oils such as olive oil and perilla oil contain fats that are beneficial to health.

It is helpful for disease prevention and health. That is why many people, my mother, and my mother also drink coffee cream.

There are many misconceptions that it is good for health because it is made from vegetable oil (oil of the fruit, palm oil).

However, unlike other vegetable oils, palm oil contains a large amount of saturated fatty acids that are harmful to the body.

It is not fatal, but if you eat a lot of saturated fat, cholesterol rises and tt can lead to adult diseases and cardiovascular diseases, so large amounts are not recommended.

Misconception about coffee No.3 It has to be hot Is hot coffee good?

Even older people absolutely love hot coffee.

Most people drink their coffee as soon as it’s served.

However, during the heat treatment of coffee, a carcinogenic substance called “furan” is created.

Drinking hot coffee with hororo like an everyday person! It’s bad for your health.

Because furan is a highly volatile substance, it decreases by an average of 61% to 90% 5 minutes after coffee mix or coffee beans are prepared.

Therefore, rather than drinking coffee immediately, take it easy and take it slowly.

Coffee Misconception No.4 Caffeine addiction is due to energy drinks, not coffee?

Insomnia and anemia occur when excessive caffeine intake, especially,

In the case of children, it has a profound effect on growth. Then, the caffeine content is high, which prevents caffeine addiction.

What could be the drink?

As a result of comparing the caffeine content per serving, the average caffeine content of energy drinks was compared to 99mg.

Coffee sold at a coffee shop was the highest with 123mg.

After that, liquid coffee (84mg) and coffee mix had the highest caffeine content.

The maximum recommended daily intake of caffeine (400 mg) for adults is equivalent to 3.3 cups of coffee at a coffee shop.

Therefore, coffee and energy drinks should be consumed according to the recommended intake of copper.

In addition, each product has a different caffeine content, so when choosing, refer to the caffeine content.

It is recommended to refrain from intake of high caffeine drinks (0.15mg or more per 1ml) as much as possible.

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