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10 ways to be patient when you’re angry


When you are momentarily angry~ Have you ever regretted after getting angry or arguing with the subject? It’s all stress. And I don’t think it’s good for you either.

Here’s the 10 ways to be patient when you feel angry.

1. Counting

There are many causes of anger, including insults, comparisons, or being ignored by others.
These emotions are normal reactions and are not a problem, but if you have problems with emotional control,
forecasts change. When anger builds up, try counting from 1 to 10 step by step.
The key to counting is to breathe slowly and deeply. To count to ten
It will take a few minutes, so you can calm down and calm your anger.

2. Change the way you respond to anger

You have to learn to control yourself and not get carried away by the emotion of anger.
When angry, take an aggressive attitude, such as yelling or using violence
There are a lot of people who whisper inside. However, anger cannot be expressed outward or
Not all of them are the right way. Instead of these methods, you can use meditation, yoga, deep breathing, exercise, etc.
Let’s deal with it in a way. Changing habits takes practice and training, but
Consistent effort is very effective in preventing and controlling anger.

3. Expressing anger after calming down

In the face of anger, he can’t stand it, and expressing it as it is will only lead to a fight.
Being angry is a habit and needs to be fixed. the other person in a conflicting situation
Let’s ignore opinions and do not just stand up for your own opinions and rights.
If you take a break and look back on the situation that made you angry, you will be able to grasp the situation much more calmly.
Then, after the anger has subsided, you should calmly assert your opinion.

4. Think and Speak

The words I spit out, unable to control the anger that rose in the moment
apt to regret Let’s take a moment to gather our opinions and then have a conversation.
How you speak is important. A lot is conveyed not only in the content but also in the attitude of the speaker,
Sometimes the meaning can also be different.

5. Be specific.

When expressing dissatisfaction with others, show respect for the other person rather than negative tones,
Being specific about your dissatisfaction is the right way to go.
“If you’re going to be late every day after drinking, get out!” Instead of saying, “You don’t care about your health.
Let’s say, “I’m angry because I’m worried about drinking too much.” Recklessly criticizing others can lead to a fight.

6. Check for possible solutions

Think about the cause of your anger and focus on how you can solve the problem.
When you are angry, the most important thing is to talk to yourself. what made me angry,
I need to figure out why the other person is angry with me.
For example, if I get angry at someone who is late for an appointment every day, I just have to leave a little late and wait.
If you’re upset about your child’s messy room, just shut the door. Sometimes this cool
Giving over with an attitude can be a stress-free way.
Keep in mind that anger without alternatives will only make your condition worse.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a healthy way to relieve anger by redirecting the energy of anger to productive work.
It radiates energy that creates healthy emotions. When I am angry, I take a walk or exercise that I enjoy.
Exercising the aggression caused by anger will help you control your emotions.
When you exercise, your brain releases various chemicals, of which endorphins relieve stress.
gives emotional stability. If you consistently exercise moderately, happiness is perceived as high, and aerobic exercise
There are also studies showing that it is effective in depression by reducing tension and anxiety.

8. Avoid seats

When you’re angry, you can’t stand it, you think you’re going to do something that you can’t undo, or say something you’ll regret
It is best to avoid the seat when you are likely to sit down or say something you will regret.
Taking a step back in an angry situation.
In this case, it is better to clearly explain why you are avoiding the seat.
“Talking to you more makes me angry. I’d better leave.”
When you are alone and away from the situation, take a deep breath to calm yourself down. “It’s nothing.” “It’s ok”, etc.
Saying the same thing to yourself is also a way. Listen to relaxing music such as classical
Keeping a journal will also help you find peace of mind.

9. Look in the mirror

Let’s look in the mirror at my angry face. When you get angry, your forehead is wrinkled and your eyes become reddish.
Let’s look at the ugly face silently. If you look into your angry face, the other person will
You can understand how you see yourself.

10. Ask for Help

If you can’t control your anger, or if you’re just holding back and don’t know how to properly express it, see a professional.
It’s good to get help. If you have a quick temper and get excited quickly, or if you are angry,
If you use violence or throw objects, if you are not easily relieved and you do not know how to respond
It is often the case that anger management is not properly managed. Also, it can be viewed as being aggressive, so
In order to live a social life, it is necessary to consult with an expert.
Consultation with an expert is required. Consult with a specialist such as a neuropsychiatrist or an anger control counselor
If necessary, engage in active treatment such as receiving medication.

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