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Indoor Cycling Exercise Benefits


Cycling is one of the most effective aerobic exercises for maintaining and improving fitness and health. Not only does the exercise itself have a low physical load, but it also has the characteristic of having a small load on the lower extremities because it sits on the saddle and puts the weight on it. In particular, it is known that people who are suffering from difficulties in weight-bearing exercise, such as obesity or low back, weakened joints due to menopause, etc., or have osteoporosis, can obtain good exercise effects. Outdoor cycling, which has many of these health benefits, can be affected by external factors such as a large space and fine dust and weather, which can lead to restrictions. In addition, if safety equipment is not properly equipped, there is a risk of injury, so it is always necessary to pay attention to safety accidents. Therefore, indoor cycling does not require a large space and is not subject to environmental restrictions such as weather, so it can be a good alternative to outdoor cycling. Regardless of the weather and season, you can adjust the intensity of your workout by setting the speed and resistance at your own time of day, so you get the advantage of being able to exercise at the right amount compared to doing it outdoors. So today, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of indoor cycling.

indoor cycling exercise effect

The exercise effect of indoor cycling is similar to the effect obtained from general cycling exercise, such as improvement of cardiopulmonary function and improvement of muscle strength. Lung capacity is increased by continuous rolling of constant pedaling and overall lung function is improved, such as increasing the amount of oxygen during breathing. In addition, the muscles of the lower body that rotate the lungs undergo repeated contraction and relaxation, thereby improving the muscle strength of the lower body. And this improvement in muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function is excellent in helping to increase physical strength and endurance, and it can also reduce weight. In addition, it is said that it is good for relieving stress by facilitating blood flow through improved metabolism, and it is said that it has excellent benefits in improving memory by making nerve cells healthy. In addition, indoor cycling exercise can prevent diabetes by improving insulin function, and it is said to have a beneficial effect on alleviating migraine symptoms. In addition, it has been reported that riding a bicycle indoors is good for people with poor knee joints because the thigh muscles block the pressure on the knee.

How to Ride an Indoor Bike Properly

1. Maintain good posture

It is said that maintaining a good posture is the most important thing in order to get better exercise effects of indoor cycling. When the center of gravity moves forward, the shoulder naturally shrinks and excessive force is applied. This action puts a lot of strain on the shoulders and neck, so if you maintain this posture for a long time, it can lead to an imbalance in your body shape. Therefore, it is important not to shift the center of gravity too far forward so that the shoulders are relaxed, the abdomen is strengthened, and the waist is properly erected. It is also recommended that you pedal with the knee facing forward, unless it is uncomfortable or painful when trying to keep the knee centered.

2. Set up a chair at the right height

It is also important to set a chair at an appropriate height in order to get better exercise effects of indoor cycling. If the chair is too high, your knees may be fully extended or your toes may tip toward the floor. This puts more strain on the joints. Also, if the chair is too low, pedaling will become unnatural and you may crouch. Therefore, it is recommended to set the height of the chair so that your knees are slightly bent when you sit down and fully lower one pedal to the floor, and the soles of the feet are parallel to the floor.

Precautions for indoor cycling

Indoor cycling exercise is not affected by seasons and weather, and has the advantage of reducing the risk of safety accidents, but indoor dust or powder from the friction surface of bicycle wheels does not adversely affect health if it enters the respiratory tract. say it could hurt you. Therefore, when riding a stationary bicycle indoors, it is recommended to clean and ventilate the room frequently to keep the indoor air clean and comfortable.

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