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5 Bad Habits That Will Cause Shoulder Injury And Pain


The shoulder, the part of the body that runs from the arm to the torso, plays an essential role in moving the hand to a comfortable position. When there is a problem in the shoulder joint, the driving force required to work or exercise is weakened, and at the same time, precise activity and movement can be weakened. In addition, if the shoulder joint is severely restricted, it will cause problems in normal life, and the risk of various related diseases such as frozen shoulder and rotator cuff tear and calcific tendinitis will increase. Lifestyle habits account for a large proportion of the occurrence of abnormalities in the shoulder joint. It is said that inadvertently small habits during life put a strain on the shoulder and cause the onset of related diseases if it continues for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the habits that put stress on the shoulder joint and change the habits to improve them. So today, let’s take a look at some of the main habits that damage your shoulders.

Habits that ruin your shoulders

1. The habit of sleeping on one side

The first habit that ruins the shoulder is the habit of sleeping on one side. If you sleep on one side, the joint is compressed and twisted. In addition, it is said that this twisted joint adversely affects the ligaments and tendons surrounding the joint. If you continue to sleep on one side, your shoulder posture will become imbalanced, and in severe cases, the cartilage may be torn and even inflamed. In addition, the habit of sleeping on your side can reduce the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to make it a habit to sleep with the correct posture.

2. The habit of lying at an angle

Not only when sleeping, but also when watching TV or reading. Continuing this posture not only causes pain in the shoulder muscles, but also can put strain on the spine if it continues for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a correct posture while watching TV, and to change your posture continuously to prevent stiffening of the shoulder muscles.

3. Using your smartphone with bad posture

Using the smartphone in the wrong posture for a long time is also a habit that adversely affects the shoulder. When using a smartphone while holding it in one hand, it is often the case that the shoulder is bent forward. If you hold this position for a long time, your neck will fall forward and you may experience pain around your neck. In addition, as the wing bones fall forward, the surrounding muscles become stiff. In addition, using a computer in a fixed position for a long time as well as a smartphone can cause shoulder stiffness and cause shoulder pain and related diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using a smartphone or computer in a bent position for a long time, and to relieve stiff shoulder muscles through stretching and appropriate exercise after a certain period of time.

4. Continuing exercise that uses the shoulder excessively

Excessive exercise that involves a lot of shoulder use can also be a cause of adverse effects on the shoulder. Excessive use of the shoulder or excessive swinging of the arm may cause shoulder pain and rupture of the shoulder muscle. Therefore, during exercise, it is recommended to do it in a way that does not put too much strain on the affected area, and it is recommended to loosen the muscles through stretching or gymnastics before exercise.

5. Massage with strong pressure

I do a lot of massage to relax my shoulder muscles. When softened with moderate intensity, it can be very helpful in relieving stiff and tight muscles. However, if you massage with too much pressure, it may cause excessive muscle stimulation and cause pain through severe muscle stiffness, so it is recommended to massage with a moderate intensity.

Other habits to watch out for

In addition to the above-mentioned habits, the habit of carrying a heavy bag on only one side can also cause shoulder pain. It is recommended to use a backpack that distributes the weight to both shoulders, because if the weight is shifted to one side, it not only causes an imbalance in the shoulders, but also causes an imbalance in the body shape. In addition, there are cases where a rod is used on the steering wheel while driving, and it is said that using such a steering wheel can make the shoulder pain worse for people with bad shoulders. This is because if you drive while holding the bar, the position of your arm will rise and the tendon may be strained. In particular, it is said that when you rotate a large circle, it causes tension in the shoulder ligament, which can lead to inflammation. Therefore, for shoulder health, it is recommended to hold the lower part of the steering wheel with both hands comfortably while driving. In addition, the use of exercise equipment with a large circle shape in the park can also have a negative effect on people with bad shoulders. It is recommended to be careful when trying to turn a circle with a too large radius, as it increases the range of motion and may damage the joint pouch surrounding the joint or the surrounding ligaments.

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