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How to Find Redstone in Minecraft Legends to Build Launchers?

how to find redstone in minecraft legends

Redstone is a vital resource for creating mob spawners, buildings, towers, and more in the game. However, finding it can be challenging. But no worries, as I am here to tell you exactly how you can efficiently find and mine Redstone in Minecraft Legends!

The Redstone veins are found in caves, jungles, swamp biomes, and through trading with villagers. But it’s not as simple as randomly digging around. You must use clever tools to locate and extract Redstone from the surrounding rock.

This guide will walk you through the steps and share tips to help you become a pro-Redstone miner in Minecraft Legends!

Where to Find Redstone in Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends is a game of adventure, building, and crafting that has captured the imagination of players all over the world. Redstone is one of the critical blocks that players need to progress in the game.

This valuable mineral is used to power various devices and gadgets and is essential for players who want to build complex machines and traps.

So, where can players find Redstone? When it comes to actually finding Redstone, the best places to look are the Swamp and Jungle biomes.

Swamp and Jungle biomes in Minecraft Legends
Swamp (top) and Jungle (bottom) biomes [Credits: SpookyFairy]
These regions tend to have a higher concentration of Redstone veins, so players who focus their search on these areas are more likely to find what they need. And this is true for both PvP and PvE modes.

If you’ve already defended a village in one of these biomes, you can fast-travel to that village and start searching from there.

Village under attack in Minecraft Legends
Village under attack [Credits: SpookyFairy]
Of course, Redstone can also be found in village chests, so it’s worth looking at the world map and hovering your cursor over each village to see what resources they produce. If you find a village that produces Redstone, you can head there and start looting the chests for a chance to find some of these valuable blocks.

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How to Gather Redstone in Minecraft Legends?

The first step is to build an improvement, namely, Gather Redstone Melody at the Well of Fate. This will make things much easier. Also, this will allow you to allocate the “Gather Redstone” symbol to your hotbar. Afterward, you can quickly send your Allay to search for Redstone whenever needed.

Gather Redstone Melody

Building this improvement requires 100 iron and 100 Prismarine. So, you should have the Gather Iron Improvement prior to building the Gather Redstone Melody, as creating the latter requires iron blocks.

Once done, it’s time to get your Allays to work. Allays are helpful mobs that help harvest resources like Wood, Stone, Coal, Redstone, and more.

As soon as you have your Allays ready, start looking for Redstone in areas where the mineral is likely to be found.

What can you Craft using Redstone in Minecraft Legends?

There are several things you can craft using Redstone. One of the most interesting structures that requires Redstone is the Zombie Spawner. This unique structure allows players to create powerful zombie warriors that can be used to defend their bases.

Zombie Spawner
Zombie Spawner [Credits: STAN Games & Tutorials]
However, before creating a Zombie Spawner, you must reach the Zombie Homestead and defend it from attacking Piglins. Once you’ve successfully defended the zombies, you can create a Zombie Spawner using 5 Redstone, 25 Stone, and 25 Wood.

In addition, you’ll need 2 Redstone, 1 Flame of Creation, and 2 Lapis to spawn the zombies.

Another essential structure that uses Redstone is the Redstone Launcher. This can launch explosive projectiles at enemies from an insane range. As a result, it is an ideal choice for players looking to defend their bases and attack their foes.

Redstone Launcher in Minecraft Legends
Redstone Launcher [Credits: SpookyFairy]
Additionally, the Battle Drum is a support structure that buffs other contraptions such as Arrow Towers, Scatter Towers, traps, and even the Redstone Launcher just mentioned. It basically increases their firing speed if placed nearby.

Battle Drum next to the Redstone Launcher
Battle Drum [Credits: ibxtoycat]
To craft these structures, players will need to find more Redstone. This can be challenging, but those who figure out how to obtain more Redstone will better defend their bases against Piglin raids.


So, this was all about how to find Redstone in Minecraft Legends. To summarize, Redstone is an essential resource in Minecraft Legends used to power various structures. For instance, automated farms, traps, and defensive/offensive contraptions like the Zombie Spawner and Redstone Launcher.

Players should search for Redstone in areas like Jungle and Swamp biomes or trade with villagers. Building an Improvement can also help streamline the search process. Once players have gathered enough Redstone, they can craft various structures to defend their bases against Piglin armies.

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