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Good and Bad Foods for Teeth Whitening


It is very important to take care of and maintain healthy teeth to such an extent that there is a saying that healthy teeth are five blessings. Among them, whitening care, which keeps teeth white, is probably the part that many people are interested in. Yellow discolored teeth not only leave a hygienic impression on others, but also act as stress on the person themselves, causing psychological atrophy. On the other hand, it can be said that white and well-groomed teeth act as a positive factor in the increase in liking and in interpersonal relationships.

In order to manage and maintain these white teeth, it is very important to control the intake of foods that discolor the teeth and to consume various foods that are helpful for teeth whitening. So today, let’s take a look at some of the foods that can help whiten teeth and some of the foods that cause yellowing of teeth.

Foods that are good for teeth whitening

1. Strawberry

The first food I would like to introduce to you is strawberries, which have a characteristic red color, that are good for teeth whitening. It is said that the malic acid contained in strawberries whitens yellowed teeth and washes away stains from teeth. In addition, amino acids contained in strawberries form a film on the teeth, which is known to help prevent discoloration of teeth by inhibiting other pigments from discoloring the teeth.

The whitening effect of strawberries can be seen not only by ingestion, but also by direct application. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 mashed strawberry, apply it on your teeth and leave it for 5 minutes before brushing your teeth to achieve this whitening effect. However, if you do this a lot, you can damage your teeth by the acid contained in strawberries, so it is recommended to adjust the number of times appropriately.

2. Apple

Apples, which have a crisp texture and a fresh and sweet taste, are also one of the fruits that help whiten teeth. The crunchy texture and dietary fiber of the apple not only play a role in removing plaque trapped between teeth, but also help the secretion of saliva in the mouth due to its abundant moisture, which helps prevent dry mouth and suppress the growth of bacteria. Apples also strengthen the gums, reducing the risk of tooth loss, and are known to help prevent oral and gum-related diseases.

3. Dark Chocolate

Milk chocolate, which is mixed with milk and sugar to give it a sweet taste, is known as a food that damages teeth, causing tooth decay and various dental diseases. Contrary to these types of milk chocolate, dark chocolate that contains no milk or sugar or even a very small amount of added milk has a beneficial effect on teeth health and whitening. Contained in dark chocolate, it is said that theobromine, a kind of alkaloid, protects the enamel of teeth and prevents discoloration. However, the fact that dark chocolate can help whiten teeth is the effect obtained when consumed in an appropriate amount.

4. Green tea

Green tea, consumed as an after-meal tea along with coffee, is also known to be an effective food for teeth whitening. It is said that the tannin contained in green tea can help a lot in preventing the growth of bacteria and preventing discoloration. In addition, catechin, a polyphenol-based component contained in large amounts in green tea, is said to help a lot in overall oral health management, such as preventing tooth decay and removing bad breath.

5. Cheese

Cheese, a food made by coagulating and fermenting protein after extracting casein from milk, is also known to have a beneficial effect on teeth whitening. When you eat cheese, your mouth becomes alkaline, and this action minimizes corrosion and discoloration of your teeth, so it can help you manage your oral health and keep your teeth white.

other food

In addition to the various foods introduced above, various foods such as lettuce, onions, almonds, and eggplants are also known to be helpful in tooth care and whitening, so if you consume them regularly, you will get a good effect. Banana peels are also known to have a beneficial effect on teeth whitening. The peel of bananas is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese, so it is known that you can see the whitening effect by rubbing your teeth with the peel.

Foods that are bad for teeth whitening

Contrary to the foods introduced above, various foods such as coffee and curry are foods that are easy to cause discoloration of teeth and have an adverse effect on teeth whitening. In addition, wine is one of the foods that are not good for teeth whitening. The rich polyphenols in wine peel off the enamel coated on the teeth and allow the pigment to easily penetrate the teeth, which makes it easy to cause tooth discoloration.

In addition, sports drinks that are consumed a lot during exercise to quench thirst and replenish moisture are also not good for teeth whitening. This is because when the teeth are exposed to acidic sports drinks, the enamel layer of the teeth is damaged, causing discoloration and discoloration of the teeth. Also, as the sugar contained in sports drinks causes the growth of bacteria and acts as a cause of tooth decay, it is recommended to drink as far as possible from the teeth when drinking, and to rinse your mouth with water after drinking.

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