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Where is the Reactor of Fia in Deathloop and How to Disarm it?

How to disable Fia nuclear reactor in Deathloop
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“Didn’t See It Coming” is one of the more difficult trophies to get in Deathloop, as it requires the players to disarm the nuclear reactor of Fia and kill her afterward.

If you’re unable to go through this mission and are on the verge of uninstalling the game, then hang on; this guide is tailor-made for you. I’ll be explaining in detail how to complete this visionary lead and get the Havoc slab from Fia.

Just for some context, Fia Zborowska is one of the eight visionaries in the game. Alongside being the head provisioner and visual director of the AEON program, she’s a drug addict and a very short-tempered woman.

Unfortunately, she has access to the nuclear reactor inside Fractured ImAge. If she somehow gets to know that you’re on your way to disable the power plant and kill her, she’ll activate the reactor, and Fristad Rock will blow up in a matter of 60 seconds.

Now that we know the storyline a bit, let’s find out how to carry out the mission successfully.

Location of Fia’s Nuclear Reactor

Fia’s nuclear reactor can be found inside the Reactor Control Room which is located in Fractured ImAge, Fristad Rock.

Front entrance of Fractured imAge
Front entrance of Fractured ImAge (Credits: Deathloop Wiki)

There are three routes to enter Fractured ImAge. There’s a front entrance going to the garage. The rear one will take you to the control center directly. And lastly, you can drop down into the garage through the elevator shaft in the Electrical room on the top floor.

Reactor control center of Fia in Deathloop
Reactor Control Center

As for entering the control room, first, you can take the Bunker Garage path. Second, there’s an option to reach there via the Locker room. Moreover, Colt can also go through the Delivery Booth Workshop.

There’s an alternate way as well, where Colt will go through the tunnel atop the storage room. There will be a fan at the end of the tunnel that can be disabled with the buttons on the right. Drop down below and start moving forward. Shortly after, you’ll see the nuclear reactor on your left.

Stealth Loadout

We have to be very careful with our loadout to disarm the reactor of Fia in Deathloop. Because as I said above, if she hears any gunshot or sees you, the game’s over

Here’s the loadout that I suggest:

Slabs: Aether and Nexus/Shift

Shift Slab in action in Deathloop
Shift Slab in action (Credits: Deathloop Wiki)

Aether will make Colt nearly invisible, and the enemies won’t be able to see him. However, the invisibility is for a limited time and keeps decreasing as you move. It’s recommended to use it with the Ghost and Flicker upgrades.

On the other hand, you can go for either Nexus or Shift slabs. It’s a personal preference. The shift slab gives you teleporting ability allowing Colt to cover short distances quickly.

Meanwhile, Nexus will connect multiple enemies, and a single bullet will kill all of them. It’s a great slab to take out multiple guards and eternalists together.

Weapon: PT-6 ‘Spiker’

Using the PT-6 'Spiker' nail gun in Deathloop
PT-6 ‘Spiker’ nail-gun

The PT-6 ‘Spiker’ is probably the best weapon for this mission. It’s a ranged nail-gun and a headshot immediately eliminates the enemy. On top of that, it is silent. All of these features make it the best choice for this mission.

For the secondary weapon, you can take any of your choices. Using a loud weapon outside of Fractured ImAge won’t trigger Fia. The players can be as noisy as they want there.

How to Disable Fia’s Nuclear Reactor?

After setting up the loadout, it’s finally time to disarm the reactor of Fia and make further progress in Deathloop.

Reach Fristad Rock at noon and get out of the tunnel first. Now that you’re on open ground, take the right and keep moving until you reach the cliffside door that is above the bunker entrance. Needless to say, kill the eternalists you find on the way.

Wire blueprint of nuclear reactor in Deathloop
Blueprint of Reactor’s wires

Now get inside the Utility Room and look for the wires’ blueprint placed on a table. Here you’ll see the four colored wires and the order in which they need to be cut. Remember the code; otherwise, you’ll blow up the whole place.

Also, make sure to hack every sensor that you find while going through these places. Because if you don’t, the cameras will catch you, and Fia will be notified.

Hacking the panel of Fia's reactor in Deathloop
Hacking the panel of Fia’s reactor

Once you have the blueprint, get out of the Utility room and head over to the Reactor Control Center. Use your hacking device once again to open the back panel of the reactor.

There will be the same four colored wires again. Now cut them according to the order that was on the blueprint.

For me, it was green > blue > red > yellow. Keep in mind that it is random for every player. Don’t try the same sequence that you’re reading here.

Killing Fia in Deathloop
Killing Fia in her room

Once this is done, Fia is no longer a threat and can be killed easily. All you need to do now is head over to Fia’s room and either kill her with any of your guns or use the knife.

That’s it; you’ll immediately get the “Didn’t See It Coming” trophy then and there.

Rewards for Killing Fia in Deathloop

This mission is indeed a hard one, but in the end, it comes with its rewards. There are multiple trophies that you’ll get the moment Fia is killed.

The players won’t get them all at once since some of the trophies require a specific playstyle, like using only a knife or not killing any eternalists.

Anyway, the achievements are as follows, with a short description:

  1. Didn’t See it Coming (Bronze) – Kill Fia before she activates the reactor.
  2. Ensemble Tragedy (Bronze) – Kill every visionary at least one time.
  3. Full Deck (Bronze) – Take a full loadout with no vacant slots to kill a visionary and escape the map.
  4. Mightier Than the Gun (Bronze) – Exit the map after killing all visionaries without a gun.
  5. Only The Guilty (Bronze) – Escape the map after killing every visionary without eliminating any eternalists.
  6. Pieces of Eight (Bronze) – Kill Fia by playing as Colt.
  7. Violent Delights (Bronze) – Kill both Fia and Charlie with one bullet.

So, instead of having a meltdown now, go and try out this mission using the correct loadout and strategy. It will only be a matter of minutes before you get multiple achievements and rewards upon completion.

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