Detailed Deadlock Guide & Tips: Newest Sentinel Agent in Valorant


This article will guide you about using the new Sentinel agent, Deadlock, in Valorant, She is the fifth sentinel. and her fearsome, unstoppable presence on the maps is unmatched.

She’s got some cool nanowire technology that she uses to secure the battlefield and keep off any deadly attacks. When Deadlock’s on the scene, you better believe nobody can escape her watch, and surviving her presence is a real challenge.

Deadlock’s Abilities: Mastering the Nanowire Arsenal

Deadlock has got 4 abilities, and each one is better than the other. I’ll shortly go through each one of them.

1. Barrier Mesh

  • Key: E
  • Ability: Signature
  • Cost: Free

First up, we’ve got her signature ability, Barrier Mesh. This bad boy is at the core of Deadlock’s arsenal. She throws a disc-shaped device that generates barriers, blocking enemy movement.

These barriers are tough as nails, shrugging off bullets like they’re nothing. With this ability, Deadlock can control the battlefield, making enemies rethink their approach and giving your team an edge.

2. Sonic Sensor

  • Key: Q
  • Ability: Purchasable
  • Cost: 200

Second up, you can buy the Sonic Sensor. Deadlock’s got a keen ear for battlefield acoustics, and she uses her Sonic Sensor to detect the tiniest sounds of gunfire and footsteps.

Once triggered, these sensors unleash a stunning blast that leaves enemies dazed for a good couple of seconds.

Sonic Sensor is perfect for defensive situations, countering site rushes, and gathering crucial intel for Deadlock’s team.

3. GravNet

  • Key: C
  • Ability: Purchasable
  • Cost: 200

And then we have GravNet, another purchasable ability that packs a punch. It’s like a net that explodes on impact, making anyone caught within its radius crouch down.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it messes with enemy advances, causing confusion and hesitation. Tossing GravNet on chokepoints gives Deadlock’s team some extra time to react and plan their next move.

4. Annihilation

  1. Key: X
  2. Ability: Ultimate
  3. Cost: 7 Orbs

Last but not least, we have Annihilation, Deadlock’s ultimate ability. This one really showcases her technological genius. She unleashes a burst of nanowires that cocoon any enemies within range.

These poor souls are pulled along a predetermined path, and if they can’t break free, it’s game over.

Annihilation is perfect for securing critical kills, gaining post-plant advantages, and striking fear into the hearts of the opposition.

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Playing Deadlock: Dominating the Battlefield

Now that we know about the abilities of the ever-so-dangerous agent Deadlock, let’s move our guide forward and see how you can dominate with her in Valorant.


When you’re defending with Deadlock, make the most of her abilities to create an impregnable fortress. Barrier Mesh is great for stalling and disrupting site executions. Sonic Sensors can counter site rushes and provide valuable intel.

And GravNet? That’s your psychological deterrent; making enemies question their every move. Oh, and don’t forget to communicate with your team, share information, and coordinate your defense like a boss.


On offense, Deadlock is a force to be reckoned with. Use Barrier Mesh to control angles and deny defenders crucial positions. Utilize Sonic Sensors to clear potential flanks and reveal enemy positions. GravNet causes chaos during site pushes, so make sure to not forget it.

And when it’s time to unleash Annihilation, go for those critical kills, maintain control of the spike, and strike fear into your opponents’ hearts.

Teamwork and coordination are key to maximizing Deadlock’s potential.

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Countering Deadlock: Strategies for Success:

If you want to counter Deadlock and outsmart her advanced technology, here are a few strategies to keep in mind:

Coordinate and communicate

Stay in constant contact with your team and coordinate your strategies. Deadlock’s abilities thrive on disruption and surprise, so make sure you’re always one step ahead.

Stealth and diversion

Deadlock relies on sound detection, so try to move silently to avoid triggering her Sonic Sensors. Don’t throw in some distractions and decoys to waste her time and energy.

Capture Deadlock Off-Defense

There are usually alternative routes around Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh, but it creates physical boundaries. Take alternate routes and flanking paths to capture her off-defense and pass her defenses.

Destroy the Barrier Mesh

The Barrier Mesh may be destroyed with the aid of sustained gunfire if it’s far sustained for a protracted time period. Ensure that you damage down the obstacles which can be preventing you from regaining control.

Focus on Teamwork

If a person gets cocooned through Annihilation, it is all about teamwork. Coordinate your efforts and focus your fire to kill the enemy as fast as possible. Freeing the cocooned player calls for everybody to pitch in.

By putting those strategies to use and working together with your group, you could successfully counter Deadlock’s advanced nano technology.

So adapt your method, stay vigilant, and turn her very own tools against her to secure that candy victory for your crew.


So, this was all about the Deadlock guide and I am pretty sure you’re convinced that the unyielding Norwegian sentinel agent in Valorant, is a force to be reckoned with. Her nanowire era and superior skills make her an absolute beast of an agent.

So embody her arsenal, adapt your techniques, and become an unstoppable force in Valorant’s world. Good luck, agent, on your path to victory alongside Deadlock! You’ve been given this!

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