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Dark circle causes, treatment and prevention


Dark circles are the symptoms of darkening under the eyes. It is a phenomenon in which fat is usually accumulated under the eyes, causing the skin in the area to swell and sag, resulting in black shadows, or pigmentation on the covering skin, which makes the skin appear bluish.

If you have dark circles, you will not only look much older than your age, but also give the other person a dark and tired look with a slightly duller complexion. These dark circles are known to help a lot in relieving symptoms through regular management and improvement of lifestyle. Now, let’s take a look at the main causes that affect the occurrence of dark circles, and what are the various methods that will help in treatment and prevention.

Causes of dark circles

Dark circles can be caused by the deposition of melanin pigment when there has been eczema around the eyes for a long time, and due to various causes such as atopic dermatitis or allergic conjunctivitis, the area around the eyes is constantly touched, or secondary pigmentation is caused by inflammation. This may occur. In addition, it is known that venous dilatation due to thin skin under the eyes, fat under the eyes, and fine lines under the eyes also act as causes and affect the occurrence.

In addition, it can occur when pigmentation occurs due to makeup residues, or when color cosmetics are not removed cleanly when glazing, when lymph circulation is not smooth, and problems such as liver and kidneys occur. In addition, several factors, such as not getting enough sleep or excessive stress, also impede normal blood circulation around the eyes and act as a triggering factor for worsening the symptoms of dark circles. In addition, it is reported that genetic factors such as family history, menstruation and factors also influence the occurrence of dark circles.

Dark circle treatment and prevention

1. Appropriate treatment for the cause

Treatment of dark circles is carried out by applying different treatment methods depending on the cause. If the fat under the eyes is the cause, laser surgery through the conjunctiva to remove the fat can help alleviate the symptoms. Also, in the case of subcutaneous blood vessels, selective destruction of blood vessels using a vascular dye laser is known to help relieve symptoms. And in the case of pigmentation, it is said that if you properly use a pigment laser using vitamin C, electrophoresis treatment, whitening cream, or cosmetics containing vitamin C, it helps a lot in alleviating and eliminating symptoms. In particular, as the occurrence of such pigmentation is a major cause of eczema around the eyes, it is very important to implement various management habits to treat eczema, and at the same time to take appropriate dermatological treatment. In addition, appropriate treatment for dark circles is also important in cases of atopic dermatitis and allergic conjunctivitis.

2. Minimize eye irritation

To prevent dark circles and relieve symptoms, it is important to improve the habit of rubbing your eyes frequently, as well as avoid irritating the area around your eyes as much as possible. In addition, if you do not remove eye makeup thoroughly, dark circles can easily occur due to pigmentation. Even when washing your face, it is recommended to gently rub the area around your eyes to minimize friction and irritation. And even if the skin around the eyes is too dry, it can act as a cause of dark circles, so it is helpful to apply an eye cream. It is said to be a good way to apply. Please note that these dark circles help to prevent the occurrence of dark circles by facilitating blood circulation by applying cold or hot compresses around the eyes.

3. Get enough sleep and manage stress

Lack of sleep is a factor that interferes with the normal circulation of blood around the eyes, so it is important to get enough sleep and rest at the same time to cause dark circles. In addition, not only insufficient sleep but also excessive emotional stress are factors that interfere with blood circulation around the eyes, so it is important to make efforts to minimize excessive mental stress. In addition, smoking and excessive drinking also act as factors that interfere with blood circulation, so it is necessary to change habits to reduce and limit it as much as possible.

4. Consistent intake of foods that are good for dark circles

In order to prevent and eliminate the occurrence of dark circles, it is also important to consume foods that contain various vitamins such as vitamins C, A, and E, minerals such as magnesium and calcium, and various nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids. Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kiwi, salmon, and other foods are known as representative foods that help prevent dark circles and relieve symptoms.

In particular, broccoli contains a large amount of various vitamins and antioxidants such as sulforaphane, which increases skin immunity and strengthens the skin mucous membrane.

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