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Best 10 Smartphone Games For Passing Time During the Coronavirus Quarantine and Lockdown


While the healthcare workers are battling the novel coronavirus effortlessly, it is our responsibility to stop the spread and remain quarantined. Though the perpetual cycle of dithering and regret would make you feel helpless, if you are to utilize this time, a small amount of it, towards recreation, you can surely avoid the anxiety. When it comes to recreation, Movies and Video Games are the best options. When it comes to movies, OTT platforms have become a necessity. But not all would be having a proper subscription to access them. That brings us to Video Games. Needless to say, the Gaming industry has seen a significant surge in its operations. The reason for this is the rise in smartphone users and subsequently, the number of people accessing games from their smartphone. Statistically speaking, March was the best month for mobile gaming as the total downloaded exceeded 51% with installs of more than 3.3 billion. This has shifted the focus of major gaming companies to develop Android and iOS games. As a result of which a user now has a diverse range of games from RPG to Simulation, to choose from. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to go for, this would be the perfect place for you to find out. Here are the Top 10 Smartphone Games for Passing Time in a pandemic:

1. Ludo King

Starting the list off with a game that has a user base of more than 300 million, Ludo King is the rendition of the popular board game, Ludo. This is a cross-platform multiplayer game that is capable of supporting both Android and iOS. This game is a mix of strategy and luck. You have to test your luck by shooting the dice and hoping for the number of your choice to show up. Once a number from 1 to 6 shows up on the die, it is up to your strategy to wisely maneuver the game in such a way that you can get all 4 of your avatars to the center of the board before your contenders. Generally, this game is played between 4 users and if you don’t have an active internet connection, you can opt-out of the multiplayer mode and test your prowess against the computer! It is the adaptability of this game which allows users to play both offline and online, that makes it find a spot on this list.

2. Temple Run 2

When the Imangi studios announced the release of Temple Run a few years back, little did they know that the fans would demand a sequel. Moments after its official release, Temple Run broke the internet with more than 500 million downloads. The follow-up to this game, Temple Run 2 stays true to the game’s initial objective. The main objective of this game is to take your character, who stole a cursed idol from a temple, across the dense forest without giving away to the Evil Demon Monkey. Temple Run 2 was a bigger hit and it approached a zillion downloads within a few months of its release. The game also has the editor’s vote, which is a very respectful recognition offered to Android games! The ease of playing is what brings this game to this list! This game is an endless circuit with no end in sight. Hence it is very addictive as you would make it a habit to upgrade your avatar frequently with gear for running that extra mile from where you lost last time around!

3. Minecraft

Yes!! You heard it right! Minecraft will be hitting the smartphone market real soon. In fact, the makers have already released a “Trial” and “Pocket Edition” of this game, which received a positive reception from the audience. Minecraft is one of the most popular games and is definitely the one you should get yourself accustomed to if you haven’t already. Utilise the lockdown by testing your creativity. Minecraft allows users to make a world of their choice. This game requires a high amount of thinking and strategizing as creating a world is not an easy job. The good thing about the game is its longevity. This game generally lasts longer as it is, in fact, a never-ending game! In addition to that, it can be played offline too! Put your creativity into the test and come out victorious. The ability of this game to churn your brain is the reason as to why this game ends up on this list!

4. Fruit Ninja

Sometimes being wise would not suffice to get you through the finish line. But being fast and attentive might help. Fruit Ninja is a game that tests your presence of mind and speed. A game that took the internet by storm due to its unique gameplay, Fruit Ninja is one among the few games that are downloaded for more than 500 million times in a short period of time. The prime objective of the game is to use your fingers and cut through the fruits that appear on your screen. Slash through the fruits as if you’re a ninja! This might sound simple but is very addictive. The interface of this game is very pleasing, and the way the entire game is structured is commendable too. It has different modes too, Zen mode being my favorite. The unique and addictive gameplay is the reason as to which Fruit Ninja is on this list. You’ll get a chance to be a Ninja regardless of your operating system, as Fruit Ninja is available for both the Android and the iOS platforms.

5. Slap Kings

As soon as Slap Kings was released on all the major platforms, the game got a terrific response from the audience with more than 50 Million people downloading it. Moreover, this 50 million user base came in just 3 months. The underlying concept of this game is to “Slap or to be slapped”. The gameplay is designed in such a way that a person’s timing and strength is brought to test. If you don’t have the timing to make the perfect slap to your opponent, you might as well end up getting slapped. You have to take a close look at the ” Slap-o-meter” that appears in the middle of the screen to deliver a perfect, nasty slap. The reason as to why this ends up on this list is the game’s simplicity. Plus, it is addictive, so you won’t mind even if the lockdown is extended for a month or two.

6. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

As human beings, we like to challenge ourselves to see if our IQ is commendable enough to challenge others! If you like solving sudoku, word and riddle games, then you might as well consider checking out the Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles. This game is full of tricky puzzles that allow you to think out of the box to solve some of the intricate puzzles. The best part of this game is you’ll learn something new every day. You can even pose these puzzles to your relatives to flaunt your proficiency in solving tough problems. This game received a positive response from the gaming community as soon as it got released in the month of November, last year. Since then, the game has been downloaded for 50 million times and has a solid 4.7 rating in all of the gaming platforms. The reason as to why this game ends up on this list is its ability to process your brain. We all know that the lockdown has got us stagnant and lazy, this game will surely lift your spirits and test your problem-solving skills. In short, Brain Test keeps your brain running!

7. Draw Climber

Together with the Slap Kings, Draw Climber climbed the “top mobile games” chart for the month of March, securing the second position. Game developers Voodoo found the knack to make a stereotypical “first to the finish line wins” game even more fun. Draw Climber is an epitome of creativity and originality. Though the objective of the game is to finish the race, the fun part of the game is the avatar. Your avatar resembles your drawings and if you’re stuck anywhere before making it to the finish line, you can draw another shape to pass. In short, any drawing will make you run and win the race. So, it is up to your logical thinking to figure out which shape to fetch. The unique approach to a saturated genre is what makes this game earn the spot on this list.

8. Ultimate Disc

Probably one of the most popular games in the U.K or in the world, in general, this game was released last month and since then the game has been downloaded for more than 10 million times. Ultimate Disc introduced the game of frisbee in the mobile gaming industry, and needless to say they have found profound success from it! Supersonic Studios have developed the game in such a way that even a layman with no knowledge of this sport can play. It has an intuitive and simple control, which gives the users a compelling experience. You might as well learn the game of frisbee if you develop a habit of playing this game fervently. Utilise this lockdown effectively by learning the dynamics of a new sport. The window of opportunity that this game gives for a player to learn is why the game finds a spot on this list.

9. PUBG Mobile

If you’re an avid follower of the mobile gaming industry, this would be a no-brainer for you. PlayersUnknown’s BattleGround, PUBG has grown into many people who prefer action/shooting-survival genres. Here you can battle with players around the world. The diversity in the game modes is what keeps PUBG alive. Starting from a Survival mode, now PUBG has a whole different set of modes. You can even battle your friends in something called “room match”. You can form clans and team up with people coming from different parts of the world to cordially defeat another rival clan to gain supremacy! This battle royale game starts with 100 people and those who survive to make it to last are the winners! PUBG won the best mobile game award in the year 2018 and is also the “editor’s choice”(a coveted position offered to those games who perform remarkably in PlayStore) when it comes to action games. The game is free and awaits your arrival. Also, you can’t win the game unless you figure out your strategy early. With a huge game map, you might have to consider putting your instincts right when you choose the right place to start your game. The reason as to why this game is highly preferred is the game’s real-time audio chat feature. You can catch up with your old friends during the period of lockdown while playing the game. So, it’s a win-win situation for you, or should I say, Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

10. Infinity Loop

This list would be incomplete without the best mobile puzzle game, Infinite Loop. Though PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile (the best mobile game 2019) only cater to the interests of a certain group of people, Infinity Loop’s potential user base is broader. From kids to elderly people, this endless mind-bending game is played by many. The game has a really good interface with an aesthetic touch. The objective of this game is to connect the lines and corners provided in the dojo to make a perfect combination. The game creators claim that playing Infinity loop will increase your logical ability and relieve your stress. Two of the most important things required to sustain the lockdown. So, if you’re bored, take out your phone and give this game a shot. Infinity loop has an infinite number of levels, so it is up to you to find out how long you could go! The reason for including this game on the list is the longevity of the game. In addition to that, the game also urges people to use their logical ability to solve puzzles.

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