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Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and scarier

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and scarier
Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and scarier (Pixabay)
Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and scarier
Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and scarier (Pixabay)

1. What is the Turing Test? In the last article, I mentioned that artificial intelligence aims to become more and more human. So, the degree of perfection of artificial intelligence will eventually be able to be measured by how much humanization has been achieved. An experiment based on this idea is the “Turing test” devised by British mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. He presented the Turing test in a paper called .

2. Google’s AI Chatbot Duplex Demonstration To put it simply, when a computer and a human communicate through text, a third party who does not know who is the computer and who is the person observes the two through the screen, and which It is an experiment that can judge the degree of humanization of a computer through the process of guessing whether it is this person and a computer. Rough Structure of the Turing Test Despite various criticisms of this experiment, the question ‘How humanized is the machine?’ This test capable of judging . Google has publicly demonstrated AI making hair salon reservations to the public. And surprisingly, the person in charge of the reservation receptionist at the beauty salon received the reservation call from AI and made the reservation without even the slightest doubt. (Of course, the reservation time and date were specified in advance.) Nevertheless, in the demonstration, the AI ​​showed more humanness by using words that humans use in colloquial speech, such as ‘Ummm…(mmmm….)’.

In an atmosphere like a concert site, the public cheered on the humanity of artificial intelligence. Example of Google Duplex Execution Source: Google Here, the concepts of weak artificial intelligence, strong artificial intelligence, and super artificial intelligence mentioned in the previous post suddenly come to mind. It seems that it has been proven that we have reached strong artificial intelligence by going beyond the concept of weak artificial intelligence that merely performs mechanical execution by pre-injected arithmetic expressions or algorithms. Perhaps if we go back to the 1950s, when the Turing Test was first presented, and recreate this demonstration, it would be really difficult for people at the time to be 100% sure which side is the human and which is the machine, perhaps with 100% certainty.

In addition, AlphaGo easily defeated Lee Sedol 9 Dan, just as Google overshadowed the prediction that it would take a considerable amount of time for artificial intelligence to defeat humans in Go, not chess. To this extent, Google’s artificial intelligence technology is superior and far ahead of its competitor, Apple. Perhaps it is a natural result because Google has the largest amount of data in the world, just as a child’s vocabulary increases by listening to it a lot when learning a language.

3. Securing data is key Now, Korean companies are putting great effort into obtaining customer data. This is because the era where data is an asset has arrived. In this respect, it can be said that Google has already predicted this era early and prepared meticulously in advance. I get goosebumps. Let’s go back to the story of Google’s beauty salon reservation demonstration. Through this scene, or historical event(?), there is a part that the general public thinks the most.

That’s when we saw that call center workers were soon to lose their jobs. Just as I predicted that toll-gate workers would lose their jobs when the high-pass was introduced on the highway. When I went to the Philippines, most of the people who spoke a little English were working in a call center. In the Philippines, where there are not many stable jobs, it can be said that working at a call center is a relatively good job. Call center workers in the Philippines provide after-sales service to people in English-speaking countries around the world. Therefore, Filipino call center workers have a difficulty in having to work at night in the Philippines time.

Even if you don’t have to go to the Philippines, how many times do Koreans try to connect with a counselor in their daily life? The majority of call center workers complain that they are under tremendous stress due to emotional labor, but what is even more difficult is the situation in which their jobs are being taken away by AI. The Philippines is the Mecca of the call center industry, providing consultations to people around the world 24 hours a day.

4. What is the purpose of artificial intelligence development? Labor costs account for a significant portion of a company’s fixed expenses, so each company makes every effort to reduce the labor cost. So, in a situation where the global company Google is already unbeatable, is it researching AI at a huge cost just to reduce labor costs? In the not-too-distant future, we could be tricked into sending money to an artificial intelligence in which an awkward Korean-Chinese man spoke the same voice as our mother, rather than the voice pretending to be a prosecutor.

All of a sudden, they ask me to transfer only 40,000 to 50,000 won for a car, but can you not do it? If you start to make phone calls with artificial intelligence, you’ll end up with a small amount of money going to a lot of people with no big bucks and less vigilance. When the social problems caused by this start to grow bigger, the technology to determine whether the call is really from a human or an artificial intelligence will be researched and commercialized. This post ends with a list of questions that come up naturally. Is Google a vicious company that makes a cure first, then spreads the virus and then sells the drug? Will voice phishing companies be the biggest beneficiaries of AI?

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