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6 Tips On How To Make Use Of Lemon Peel

6 Tips On How To Make Use Of Lemon Peel
6 Tips On How To Make Use Of Lemon Peel (Pixabay)

Lemon, the representative fruit of citrus fruits such as tangerines and oranges, has a strong acidity and is used as a major additive in various beverages and processed foods such as lemonade, bread, sweets, candy, pies and cakes, rather than eating it raw. It is also widely used in various meat dishes and fish dishes because it is effective in removing fishy and stinky odors. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, which can be said to be the main key ingredient, organic acids such as citric acid, potassium, iron, etc., so it is a fruit with excellent health benefits such as skin health, immunity enhancement, toxin discharge, fatigue recovery, and prevention of colds. do.

Lemons with these various effects use only the flesh and often discard the peel. However, the peel of lemon also contains various nutrients, so it can be used for various purposes such as sterilization and cleaning effect, odor removal, and insect repellent effect. Now, let’s take a look at some of the ways that lemon peels can be usefully used.

How to use lemon peel

1. Deodorizing effect

The first effect of lemon peel is its excellent deodorizing effect. Leaving lemon peels in the kitchen after cooking with strong odors not only works effectively to remove odors, but also removes unpleasant odors by placing them in a shoe cabinet. And even if you put it in the refrigerator or the bottom of the trash can, you can get excellent deodorizing effect and odor removal. In addition, if you put lemon peels in a container and place them around the house, you can get a natural aroma effect with the refreshing and fragrant smell of lemons.

2. Remove grease

Lemon peel is also said to be effective in removing oil stains. This is due to the action of the rich citric acid in the lemon peel. It is said that oil stains can be easily removed by simply rubbing the surface with a lemon peel.

Also, if you put lemon peel in a greased frying pan or pot and boil it for 10 minutes, it will help a lot to remove oil and grease. In addition, it is said that it helps to remove oil by soaking kitchen utensils in water with lemon peel for 1 to 2 hours.

3. Sterilization

The excellent sterilization effect of lemon peel is said to be very helpful in eliminating bacteria that cause diseases such as food poisoning. If you use lemon peel or lemon peel concentrate to clean various cooking utensils, it can be managed more hygienically based on its excellent sterilization effect, and it is also said to be effective in removing odors from the cooking process. In particular, if you use lemon peel concentrate to clean knives and cutting boards, which are often used for handling fish, meat, and various seafood, it is said to have a good effect in sterilizing and removing odors. The lemon peel concentrate is poured into water to cover the lemon peel completely and boiled until the water is reduced by half. And if you put the lemon peel concentrate made in this way into a spray bottle and use it, it can be used effectively.

4. Glass cleaning effect

It is said that using lemon peel concentrate to wipe windows and mirrors helps a lot in wiping off stains. If you put lemon peel concentrate in a spray bottle and spray it on a stained window or mirror, and then wipe it off with a soft towel or cloth, it is said that you can get the effect of not only removing stains but also making the surface shiny. Lemon peel is also said to be effective in preventing ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches from entering the room through windows and doors. It is said that an excellent insect repellent effect can be obtained by putting lemon peels on windows and doors, where a lot of pests enter. At this time, it is recommended that the lemon peel be replaced once every 3 to 5 days after checking the condition of not using it for a long time.

5. Bleaching effect

It is said that if you use lemon peel when doing laundry, you can get an excellent bleaching effect due to the citric acid contained in the lemon peel. It is said that adding lemon peel concentrate along with detergent before washing in the washing machine helps a lot in removing stains and removing stubborn stains. And before putting the clothes in the washing machine, wet the stained areas or areas with a lot of stains such as shirt collars and sleeves in lukewarm water. It is said to be effective.

6. Skin beauty effect

Lemon peel is rich in vitamins and has an excellent effect on skin beauty and health care. After slicing the lemon peel, mix it with olive oil and honey and massage it on the face, heels, elbows, etc.

Also, it is said that if you make a powder of lemon peel and mix it with rice flour and milk, it helps to remove dead skin cells. Also, lemon peel is known to have beneficial effects on antibacterial and astringent properties, so it is said to have a beneficial effect on the discharge of waste products and toxins from the pores.

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