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6 food that lowers body heat


If you stay for a long time in a hot summer or a high temperature environment, your body heats up and sweats out and your body regulates your body temperature properly. However, if too much heat is generated in the body, the body temperature cannot be controlled by sweating alone, and heat poisoning and damage to body cells cause various functional abnormalities in the digestive system and various body organs such as the stomach and intestines.

Excessive intake of cold foods such as cold water, ice cream, and beverages can cause problems such as stomach upset and indigestion, which can lead to higher body heat. there will be When the body heat rises rapidly, it is said that eating various foods that naturally lower the body heat helps a lot in calming the fever. Now, let’s take a look at the information on various foods that will help a lot in reducing heat in the body one by one.

food that lowers body heat

1. Pineapple

The first food that I will introduce to you is pineapple, which is effective in lowering heat in the body. Pineapple is one of the representative cold foods, and when consumed regularly, it is said to have a good effect on alleviating the heat generated in the body. In addition, bromelain, which can be said to be the main core component of pineapple, is an enzyme that breaks down proteins and is said to be effective in facilitating digestion. In addition, various organic acids and vitamin B1, which are abundantly contained, help to activate the body’s metabolism, and recovery from fatigue is also said to be the main effect obtained from ingestion of pineapple.

2. Aloe

Aloe, which is often used as a main ingredient in concentrates, juices, and various functional foods, is said to be an excellent food that lowers the heat emitted from the body and regulates body temperature properly. In addition, aloe is known not only for protecting the skin from strong UV rays, but also for soothing the heat of the skin that has been heated by strong sunlight.

And aloe is not only excellent in moisturizing the skin to keep it moist, but also effective in neutralizing oily and dry skin. In addition, it is excellent in antibacterial action to protect the body from various bacteria and fungi by various components such as aloin, aloemodin, and aloetin, which are the main core ingredients of aloe. It is known to be effective.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable that is often used as an ingredient in various dishes such as raw vegetables, pickled vegetables, salads, and cucumber slices due to its cool taste and crunchy texture. Because it has a cool nature, it is effective not only in calming the body heat, but also preventing dehydration caused by excessive sweating by providing abundant moisture, and it is said to help quench thirst. In addition, it is reported that cucumber’s cold properties help to eliminate heat poisoning and protect the skin, helping to prevent and relieve symptoms of skin-related diseases such as acne and sweat spots.

4. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is one of the typical cold foods due to its cool nature. It is said to be effective in reducing heat generated in the body and removing moisture. In particular, excessive heat in the body can lead to excessive production of inflammation, and various digestive system problems such as indigestion and constipation. Buckwheat is said to have beneficial effects in reducing inflammation and helping digestion, improving digestive function and facilitating bowel movements. In addition, the excellent effect of buckwheat in relieving heat is not only excellent in preventing the occurrence of boils on the skin, but also in suppressing the appearance of symptoms such as swelling in the head. The reason why buckwheat noodles and makguksu, which are made with buckwheat as the main ingredient, are consumed in summer is closely related to the cold nature of buckwheat.

5. Red beans

Red bean is a food that plays an excellent role as a natural antipyretic that lowers heat in the body due to its cold nature. It is said to relieve heat poisoning and reduce the heat concentrated in the stomach, and it is said to help a lot in digestion and bowel movement. In addition, it has an excellent diuretic effect, so it is said to be excellent in helping the discharge of waste products accumulated in the body. In addition, red beans are rich in saponin, a key component of ginseng, and are excellent at removing toxins and contaminants from the skin and pores, which helps prevent various skin diseases.

6. Mung Beans

Mung beans, which are often used as ingredients for various dishes such as bean curd and noodles, tea, and rice cakes, are also said to have a beneficial effect on lowering heat. In particular, mung beans are said to be effective in preventing damage to body cells that can occur when heat is generated in the body. In addition, under the influence of the abundant B vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron in mung bean, it helps to activate metabolism and replenish energy, and it is said to be effective in detoxifying the body by discharging toxins and harmful substances.

In addition, mung beans are rich in essential amino acids such as lysine and leucine, which are known to help the growth and development of children and adolescents in their growth stages.

other food

In addition to the various foods introduced above, it is recommended to consume them regularly, as various foods such as plums, eggplants, and seaweed are said to help reduce heat in the body. In particular, plum is known as a food that not only lowers heat in the body, but also quenches thirst caused by excessive sweating and has a good effect on recovering from fatigue.

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