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5 Funny Facts You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

5 Funny Facts You Didn't Know About Bill Gates
5 Funny Facts You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates (Flickr)

1) Bill Gates began fighting frequently with his parents in 1966 when he was 11 years old. He had become a source of disagreement and quarrel with his mother’s request to keep the room and dinner time, as well as to refrain from biting pencils.

2) It is said that when he was attending Harvard University, he was famous for attending classes in other subjects, only registering and not attending the required subjects he had to take. He said that there were about 80 freshmen from Harvard University’s mathematics department, and among them, only one would be first, and he intuited that he was not one of them, so he didn’t leave at all. And he said that he changed his major to Applied Mathematics immediately after he had an intuition that students of Applied Mathematics could take many more interesting liberal arts subjects than Mathematics.

3) As a speed maniac, he has a strong desire to win. It is said that if he had superpowers, he would never choose the ability to eliminate rivals. They say it’s because it’s not so much fun

4) Michael Sandel and Bill Gates once joked that even if they worked 16 hours a day, they were making $140 per second, so even if there were $100 bills on the street, it would be a waste of time to stop bending over and they would pass without picking it up. Afterwards, at a speech hall, during question time, they was asked about this question again, and when Bill hesitated to answer, Warren Buffett, who was next to him, laughed at the audience by replying, “I don’t know Bill, but I’ll pick it up because I’m poorer than Bill.” Years later, he returned in 2014, and when he was asked this question again, he said he would pick it up this time, but he said he would donate it to the Gates Foundation, not his own.

5) Bill Gates has a special hatred of spam and malware. It is said that he made the initial work of the malware removal program built into Windows these days. He couldn’t stand the increasing number of spam and malicious codes, so he went on his own. As there are hundreds of thousands of spam emails coming in a day, it is said that there was a department that dealt with spam emails.

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