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4 Tips To Prevent Neck Wrinkles


It can be said that it is a very natural phenomenon that wrinkles occur on the skin due to aging. Even though the skin wrinkles are formed as the age increases, if you maintain a regular management habit, you can keep the skin much more elastic compared to your age by suppressing the wrinkles of the skin as much as possible. However, it is not easy to manage wrinkles on the neck compared to facial wrinkles, which can slow down wrinkles as much as possible if taken care of properly. The reason why neck wrinkles are also called body rings is because of the difficulty in managing them.

These neck wrinkles occur faster as the aging of the neck accelerates, and it has the characteristic of appearing in a deeper form. Compared to the face, the neck not only has fewer sebaceous glands, but also has weak subcutaneous tissue, and has a condition that wrinkles easily occur because it moves forward and backward and side to side. Usually, after the age of 25, the muscles of the neck contract and the subcutaneous fat decreases, and the elasticity of the skin decreases, causing neck wrinkles. These neck wrinkles are mainly generated by aging, but it is said that it can also occur in younger age groups due to lifestyle factors. Now, let’s take a look at the main causes of neck wrinkles and various information that will help you manage and prevent them one by one.

Causes of neck wrinkles

Neck wrinkles are broadly divided into vertical and horizontal wrinkles. Longitudinal wrinkles are caused by aging, which is caused by the weakening of the ligamentous muscles in the neck. It is reported that incorrect posture, such as the habit of sitting in a bent position for a long time at work or work, the habit of looking at the smartphone for a long time with the head bowed, the habit of sitting at an angle to one side or the chin resting on one side, is reported to have a significant influence on the occurrence. . Because of these causes, unlike vertical wrinkles, horizontal wrinkles can occur in young people regardless of aging.

Also, using a high pillow can cause wrinkles. When using a high pillow, it not only causes stiffness in the neck and shoulders, but also interferes with blood circulation, which can act as a cause of neck wrinkles. In addition, it is said that it can be caused by wrong sleeping habits such as sleeping on the stomach or sleeping on an incline, diet to lose weight rapidly, and exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time. Unlike vertical wrinkles, these horizontal wrinkles are greatly affected by lifestyle, so regular management habits and improving the factors that cause worsening of symptoms play an important role in preventing their occurrence.

Neck Wrinkle Management and Prevention

1. Correct bad posture

As it is known that neck wrinkles are caused by a posture that is hunched over for a long time, correcting the wrong posture is the most important management habit to be implemented first. If the posture is not correct, it is easy to become a turtle neck, in which the cervical vertebrae are deformed in a straight line. Therefore, you need to maintain a correct posture without bowing your head as if you are straightening your neck. Also, when viewing a computer monitor or laptop, it is important to set it at eye level, and when the monitor height is low, it is important to adjust the height using a pedestal or stand. In addition, it is said that stretching to relieve tension in the neck muscles from time to time after working for a certain period of time helps prevent the formation of neck wrinkles.

2. Control your smartphone usage

It is known that keeping your head down or your chin resting, and using IT devices such as smartphones and tablets for a long time can also cause the skin to fold and cause neck wrinkles and aggravation. Therefore, when using a smartphone, it is important to avoid consciously lowering the head and at the same time raise the hand a little high so that the head does not bend. Also, it is recommended to be careful because lying on an angle or watching a book or TV while lying down can also cause neck wrinkles.

3. Limit the use of high pillows

If you use a pillow that is too high while sleeping, your head will bend forward and your chin will be pulled, which can cause neck wrinkles. Therefore, choosing a pillow that can comfortably and stably support the back of the neck at a height that is level with the shoulder when lying down, it is said that it helps a lot in reducing neck fatigue and tension in the neck muscles at the same time. In addition, it is also known as a habit that helps prevent the occurrence of neck wrinkles by maintaining a posture facing the front without bending the head forward or backward when lying on a pillow.

4. Thoroughly wash the neck area as well

When washing your face, there are times when you only wash the face and not the neck. It is said that dead skin cells and waste materials easily accumulate on the neck, and these accumulated waste materials act as factors that accelerate skin aging. Therefore, it can be said that washing the neck part when washing face is one of the very important management habits. When washing your face, it is recommended to wash thoroughly with a mild cleanser or soap, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. However, rubbing too hard with a towel can damage the stratum corneum and cause wrinkles easily, so it should be avoided.

In addition, as the neck has no sebaceous glands and is prone to dryness, it is important to always pay attention to moisturizing the neck, and at the same time apply moisturizing creams, nourishing creams, and essences to supply moisture and nutrients continuously. UV rays destroy collagen and elastin and are known to account for more than 80% of the causes of skin aging. Therefore, it is recommended to apply sunscreen thoroughly to protect the skin as it is a habit to help suppress the occurrence of neck wrinkles.

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