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4 Amazing Green Pepper Benefits

4 Amazing Green Pepper Benefits
4 Amazing Green Pepper Benefits (Pixabay)

Chilli belongs to the herbaceous plant of the Solanaceae family and is a representative aromatic vegetable with a spicy taste. Rich in vitamin C and capsaicin, it is a food with excellent health benefits such as prevention of various diseases and diet. Green chilli is a kind of chilli, and refers to a chilli that is not fully ripe with green leaves. Depending on the degree of spiciness and improved shape, it is classified into various types such as Cheongyang pepper, Chilli pepper, and Crispy pepper. Green peppers are halfway between cheongyang peppers and crisp red peppers, and have an average length of 7 to 10 cm. Because it belongs to fruits and vegetables that are eaten with the skin on, it is used raw and eaten raw, dipped in soybean paste, etc., as a seasoning for stews, and as an ingredient in various dishes such as pickles, brisket, japchae, and tempura. It is also a vegetable that is recognized for its nutritional excellence due to its high content of abundant vitamins and various mineral nutrients. Now, let’s take a look at the main effects of green pepper.

Main effects of green pepper

1. Excellent source of vitamin C

Green peppers are said to be rich in vitamin C. It contains 72 g per 100 g, which is 20 times more than apples and 5 times more than blueberries. It is said that you can consume all of the recommended daily amount of vitamins by eating just 2 to 3 green peppers a day. In addition, vitamin C is known to be easily destroyed during the cooking process. Due to capsaicin, a key ingredient in green peppers, vitamin C is not easily oxidized, so it can be said that the amount of loss is small.

2. Boost immunity

As vitamin C introduced earlier is an essential nutrient to maintain immunity, the abundant vitamin C content of green pepper improves the body’s immune system and increases resistance to various diseases. In addition, green pepper has a high content of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin P, nutrients that are as closely related to the immune system as vitamin C.

3. Weight Control

Green pepper has the advantage of being very low in calories, about 19Kcal per 100g. Green pepper is the most representative component of red pepper, and it is rich in capsaicin, a component that gives off a spicy taste. This high content of capsaicin helps to convert white fat, which is responsible for storing body fat, into brown fat, which consumes energy, and has a beneficial effect in helping body fat burning. In addition, this capsaicin component activates the sympathetic nervous system inside the body and promotes metabolism, so it can help to recover from fatigue and relieve stress.

4. Digestion

Capsaicin, which is abundantly contained in green peppers, activates digestive enzymes and at the same time stimulates the gastric wall to promote gastric acid secretion, thereby helping to facilitate digestion. In addition, the capsaicin component contained in green pepper is also known to help suppress Helicobacter pylori existing in gastric epithelial cells, so it can help with gastric ulcer.

other effects

Various antioxidants contained in green peppers prevent the oxidation of brain cell membranes, which are easy to occur due to free radicals, and thus have a beneficial effect on the prevention of dementia. In addition, as a result of several studies, capsaicin is known to be effective in the stages of cancer formation, progression, metastasis, and blocking, so it is reported that it can help prevent cancer. Green peppers are also known to have antipyretic effects through perspiration.

Side effects to be aware of when consuming green pepper

Green peppers are known to have various effects on the body, but there are also side effects to be aware of. If consumed in excess, capsaicin, the main key ingredient, can damage the gastric mucosa and cause symptoms such as heartburn, as well as diseases such as gastritis and worsening of symptoms.

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