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4 Amazing Benefits Of Angelica Decursiva Benefits (and side effects)


Angelica decursiva belongs to the dicotyledonous umbel family, and refers to a perennial herb widely distributed in Japan and China, including Korea. Distributed in the fields, mountains, and humid places of various parts of Korea, the body herb grows to about 80-150cm in height, and the leaves are triangular in shape and have a broad oval shape. In warm spring, the tender leaves and young shoots are plucked and eaten as a vegetable, and they are often used as ingredients for various dishes such as ssam, pickled radish, and jeon. It is also known that bodily greens have a variety of beneficial effects on the body. It is said that it is collected from spring to autumn and dried well in the sun to be used as a medicine. In oriental medicine, the root of the body herb is called Jeonho, and it has antipyretic, antitussive, and expectorant effects, and is widely used as a medicine to treat coughs, asthma, and colds. Now, let’s look at various information related to the main efficacy of body herbs and what are the side effects to be aware of when ingesting them one by one.

Angelica decursiva main benefits

1. Diabetes improvement

Diabetes is a type of metabolic disease that occurs when insulin does not function normally or is secreted insufficiently. It causes various physical abnormalities due to the rise in blood sugar, and when symptoms worsen, it causes various complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy, and renal dysfunction. When consumed, it is said that it can help prevent diabetes and relieve symptoms by controlling blood sugar. It is also known to have beneficial effects in preventing various complications that are likely to be caused by worsening of diabetic symptoms.

2. Prevention of bronchial diseases

It is said that body greens have a good anti-inflammatory effect that lowers the level of inflammation. In addition, it has excellent efficacy as an antitussive expectorant that relieves frequent coughing and removes phlegm. In addition, body herbs improve symptoms of asthma, which are accompanied by various symptoms such as shortness of breath, cough, and rough breathing, and sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, and sore throat due to virus infection. It is also said to have a good effect in preventing colds that accompany related symptoms such as cough, low fever, and headache.

3. Vascular health

Body greens contain various components such as coumarin and saponin. Due to the complex action of these ingredients, it is said to be excellent in improving blood flow as well as purifying the blood. In addition, this action is said to help prevent vascular-related abnormalities such as high blood pressure, which occurs when blood pressure is higher than normal, and hyperlipidemia, which occurs when the amount of fat in the blood increases due to insufficient fat metabolism.

4. Energy recovery

It is said that various ingredients contained in body greens promote metabolism and have a good effect in recovering energy and relieving fatigue. In particular, body greens are also known as seasonal herbs in spring, so they are said to be effective in preventing spring fatigue symptoms accompanied by lethargy and fatigue due to nutrient imbalance in spring when warm weather continues. In addition, it is said that it has a good effect as a food for improving the constitution and recovering energy for people who are usually weak and weak even if they are not spring tired.

Other efficacy and side effects

In addition to the various benefits introduced above, body herbs are said to help relieve symptoms such as arthritis and anemia. In addition, body greens are excellent in antipyretic action, and are also excellent in lowering the heat of various diseases that accompany high fever, and are said to help reduce the amount of heat applied to organs in various parts of the body including the lungs. In addition, body herbs are said to be effective in relieving nervous breakdown symptoms and at the same time helping to facilitate digestion by treating bloated and stuffy stomach. Although body greens have various effects, it is not recommended to consume them because it may not be suitable for people with a cold body constitution. In addition, it is said that it adversely affects the headache and cough symptoms caused by weak energy, so it is recommended that you decide whether to consume it after consulting with a specialist after consulting with a specialist. As a way to eat body greens, it can be consumed in various types of dishes such as vegetables, jeon, and radish, and it is said that it can be consumed in the form of powder or soaked wine. Also, if you want to drink it with water, add 4 to 8 g of dried Angelica decursiva to about 2 liters of water, boil it until the amount of water is half, and then drink 3 cups a day.

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