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3 Foods That Are Good for Diarrhea and Foods to Avoid


Diarrhea is defined as having soft and watery stools of 250 g or more per day, or having defecation more than 4 times a day. In case of ingestion of food infected with viruses and bacteria, it can occur in an acute form, when structural damage to the intestinal mucosa such as chronic inflammatory bowel disease or ischemic bowel disease is caused, and antibiotics, laxatives, cholinergic drugs, antacids, etc. It is caused by side effects that occur when taking several medications. In addition, factors such as lactose intolerance caused by lactose contained in dairy products, excessive mental stress, and immune deficiency are also known as major causes of diarrhea.

Diarrhea is especially common in summer, when food is easily spoiled due to high temperature and high humidity, and cold foods that stimulate the intestine are consumed more frequently than other types. When diarrhea occurs, dehydration can occur due to the release of water from the body, and the electrolyte balance in the body is broken due to the release of minerals that are essential for the body. Therefore, when diarrhea occurs, the intestinal function is weakened, so it is important to eat easily digestible food that relieves the burden on the intestine such as porridge.

In addition, it is very important to eat a variety of foods that contain beneficial ingredients because, depending on what kind of food you eat when diarrhea symptoms appear, you may recover quickly or your symptoms may worsen. So today, let’s look at various food information that can help relieve diarrhea symptoms and what foods to avoid one by one.

3 good food for diarrhea

1. plum

The first good food for diarrhea is plum. Plum is a medicinal food with excellent detoxification action that is said to remove poisons such as water and blood, including food.

It is said that the strong bactericidal action of rich citric acid helps to suppress the growth of intestinal bacteria and relieve diarrhea symptoms. Plums are also effective in preventing and treating symptoms such as food poisoning and upset stomach, which cause diarrhea.

2. Persimmon

The second food I would like to introduce is persimmon. Persimmons are rich in tannin, a type of phenolic compound that produces astringent taste, and it is said that this tannin helps to stop diarrhea, and it is said to be effective in treating stomach upset that causes diarrhea. In addition, persimmon leaves as well as persimmons are rich in these tannins, so boiling persimmon leaves and drinking persimmon leaf tea can help prevent diarrhea symptoms and help you recover quickly.

3. Banana

Bananas, characterized by their soft texture and sweet taste, are also said to be one of the fruits that help relieve diarrhea symptoms. The rich pectin content in bananas not only helps to stabilize the activity of the intestine, but also protects the seminal membrane of the intestine, and has a beneficial effect on the intestinal tract, which helps the colon function to work normally, so it is very helpful in stopping diarrhea. Bananas are also said to be effective in replenishing various nutrients lost in the body due to diarrhea. The excellent effect of bananas that help promote intestinal health has been known to help prevent not only diarrhea but also constipation symptoms.

other food

In addition to the various foods mentioned above, various foods such as potatoes, apples, honey, glutinous rice, and rice porridge are also foods that help relieve diarrhea symptoms. Potatoes in particular protect the digestive mucosa and help soothe diarrhea, so it is a good food to eat as a meal replacement until you recover to some extent. It is said that if you consume it in a mashed state, you can consume it without burden.

Foods to avoid in case of diarrhea

When diarrhea occurs, it is very important not only to eat foods that help relieve symptoms, but also to limit and control the intake of foods that make symptoms worse. Consumption of coffee or beverages high in caffeine is a factor that can cause or worsen diarrhea, so be careful and limit your consumption of raw foods as much as possible. In addition, excessive consumption of certain fruits such as watermelon, peaches, and plums, as well as vegetables with high water and dietary fiber content, can stimulate bowel movements and make diarrhea worse, so it is recommended to control intake until symptoms are relieved. .

Also, dairy products containing lactose, such as milk and cheese, and foods high in fat and meat can also stimulate the intestines and make symptoms worse, so it is recommended to limit intake until the recovery stage is reached. In addition, fruit juices containing a lot of sugar cause an increase in osmotic pressure in the body, which can make dehydration more severe, so it is recommended to avoid consumption until symptoms are relieved.

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