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3 Different ways to get rid of static electricity


In winter, when the weather is dry and cold, when you take off your clothes, a lot of static electricity that feels like a stinging sensation is momentarily generated from your hair or fingertips. Because it happens suddenly, at an unexpected moment, it can make you feel startled or offended. In addition, it is known that if such static electricity is generated continuously, it can cause itching and inflammation as well as damage to the hair. It is said that if you use various methods that you can easily do in your life well, you can help a lot in reducing and eliminating static electricity. So today, we will learn about the principle of static electricity and various methods that will help get rid of static electricity one by one.

What is static electricity and how is it generated?

Static electricity, as the name suggests, is electricity that does not flow. Electrons revolve around the atoms that make up an object, and these electrons easily move to other objects through contact. During our daily life, friction occurs when we come into contact with objects around us, and each time our body and objects exchange electrons and electricity is accumulated little by little. It is said that the accumulated electricity exceeds a certain amount, and when it comes into contact with a suitable inductor, the stored electricity moves in an instant, generating static electricity that feels like a stinging sensation.

This static electricity is most likely to be generated when it is dry. Because water vapor has an affinity for electricity, it is said that the charged particles around it become electrically neutral. It can be said that it is due to this principle that static electricity is not easily generated when humidity is high and that static electricity is generated in winter when the air is dry compared to summer when humidity is high. And according to this principle of generation, static electricity is generated more in dry skin than in oily skin that produces a lot of sebum, and is more generated in people who sweat a lot than in people who sweat a lot.

How to get rid of static electricity

1. Indoor Humidity Control

It is said that maintaining an appropriate indoor humidity helps a lot to get rid of static electricity as it is easier to generate static electricity when it is dry. It is recommended to use a humidifier or hang wet laundry to keep the indoor humidity at 50% to 60% so that the room is not too dry. It is also said that placing a fish tank or flowerpot helps a lot in maintaining indoor humidity. In addition, it is said that it is a good way to keep the skin moist by applying enough hand cream and body lotion to the skin that can be easily dried with dry indoor air. In addition, when the indoor air is dry, static electricity is easily generated when the appliance comes in contact.

2. Be careful of storing clothes and use fabric softener when washing

Static electricity is mainly generated when you wear clothes. It is known that static electricity from clothes is mainly generated when you wear clothes made of synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic. Therefore, it is recommended not to store only synthetic fiber clothes on top of each other or to hang them side by side as they easily generate static electricity. And if you hang clothes made of natural fibers between clothes made of synthetic fibers, you can get the effect of reducing static electricity. said to give. Also, hanging clothes that generate too much static electricity in the bathroom for a while, or spraying clothes with anti-static spray or water in a water jet can have a good effect in reducing static electricity. Also, using an anti-static detergent or fabric softener when washing is also a good way to reduce the generation of static electricity.

3. Use of hair essence and conditioner

Hair is also prone to static electricity. It is said that it helps to prevent static electricity generation by using hair essence or hair mist to prevent dry hair, and using conditioner or treatment after shampooing. In addition, when using a hair dryer, it is recommended to dry it with cold air as it is known that drying the hair with hot wind makes the hair drier and makes it easier to generate static electricity. In addition, it is recommended to use a comb made of wood or metal when combing hair, as it is known that using a plastic or metal comb increases the conductivity of the hair and increases the probability of generating static electricity.

In addition, when you open or close a car door, press an elevator button, or touch a door handle, when static electricity is easily generated, lightly touching the handle with a key, coin, or clip has the effect of sending the accumulated electricity to the object. Therefore, it is said that a good effect can be obtained in preventing static electricity.

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