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3 Benefits Of Black Ginger (And Its Side Effects)


Ginger has a characteristic spicy and salty aroma and taste, and is widely used in various condiments, teas, and desserts. It has various effects such as warming the body, sterilizing, anti-inflammatory, digestion and absorption. Black ginger is a root plant of the ginger family. It has a similar shape to regular ginger, but is characterized by a purple cross section when cut. It grows in the tropical primeval forests of Thailand and Laos, and its scientific name is Camperia faviflora. It is called black ginger or purple ginger in Korea, Krachaydam in Thailand, and Kingdam in Laos. Black ginger is not only rich in methoxyflavone, known as an excellent immune active substance, but also contains various vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, so it has various beneficial effects on the body. Due to this effect, it is called the nickname of ginseng of Thailand, and it is said that it has been widely used as a folk medicine to treat various diseases in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Laos, where it is of origin. Then, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of black ginger.

Main benefits of black ginger

1. Improving immunity

The area where black ginger grows is said to be in the high mountains above 1,800m. Because it grows wild in such a barren environment, it is said that it contains a lot of strong self-defense substances inside to survive. Among them, an excellent active substance called methoxyflavone is abundantly contained in black ginger. It is said that this methoxyflavone component helps to regulate the metabolism of cells, thereby helping to strengthen the immune system that protects our body from foreign antigens. In addition, since methoxyflavone is a kind of flavonoid with excellent antioxidant power, it has the effect of lowering the concentration of free radicals that cause damage to immune function. In fact, in a body change study on the elderly, it was confirmed that oxidative stress in the body was reduced as a result of consuming black ginger for 8 weeks.

2. Inhibits inflammation

Inflammation is one of the natural immune responses against foreign antigens, but if it is excessively increased, it causes various chronic diseases, and if it is prolonged, it is a risk factor that increases the risk of cancer. The methoxyflavone component in black ginger mentioned earlier is said to be very helpful in lowering the excessively increased inflammation level. In addition, black ginger contains apigenin, a type of flavonoid, which can help prevent various inflammatory diseases and cancers by inhibiting inflammation and preventing tumor metastasis.

3. Activate brown fat

Fats that are essential for body metabolism along with carbohydrates and proteins are largely divided into white fat and brown fat. White fat acts as a storehouse for the rest of the energy sources except for what is needed for energy from the calories ingested. When white fat accumulates excessively in the body, it causes obesity due to excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat and becomes a risk factor that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, brown fat burns white fat and dissipates heat. Therefore, if the proportion of brown fat in the body is high, it helps to maintain a constant weight even if the same amount of food is consumed. Methoxyflavones, which are abundant in black ginger, increase energy consumption, promote fat metabolism, and help activate brown fat.

other benefits of black ginger

In addition to the various effects mentioned above, it has been reported that, in a study using black ginger, administration of black ginger extract to rats suppressed the increase in gastric mucus and the formation of gastric ulcers. In addition, black ginger has a high content of arginine, a type of amino acid, which is said to help improve vitality and nourishment. In addition, black ginger is excellent for promoting metabolism and enhancing energy production, so it can be expected to have a good effect in helping smooth physical activity.

Side effects to watch out for when taking black ginger

Since black ginger is forbidden to be consumed by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, you should not consume the raw fruit as it is. The recommended intake method is to brew it in hot water and consume it as a tea. In addition, if you have a lot of constitutional fever, pregnant or lactating women, or if you have a specific constitution, it is recommended to consume it after consulting with a specialist. Please note that the recommended daily intake of black ginger is 1~1.5g.

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