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10 interesting facts about Germany

10 interesting facts about Germany
10 interesting facts about Germany (Pixabay)

1. European Union Most populous in the EU (81 million).

2. One-third of Germany’s territory consists of forests and woodlands.

3. Germany is divided into 16 provinces, each with its own constitution and autonomy.

4. Germany borders 9 countries

(Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)

5. Germany is the country that produces the most tea in the world.

6. Berlin, the capital of Germany, is nine times larger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice, Italy.

7. Germany is the world’s largest publisher of books.
(94,000 books published annually)

8. Only 65% ​​of German highways, the Autobahn, have no speed limit. Plus it’s free.

9. Tuition is free at all universities in Germany. (even to foreigners)

10. Germany is one of the most ‘climate and energy pact’ in the world.
Germany plans to dismantle all nuclear power plants in its country by 2022 and operate environmentally friendly energy facilities.

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