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10 fun facts about food made by mistake

10 fun facts about food made by mistake
10 fun facts about food made by mistake (Pixabay)

There are thousands and tens of thousands of foods on Earth. A variety of foods always satisfy our hunger. There are interesting stories hidden in the food we eat. Tteokbokki, the most preferred Korean food in winter, makes you wonder when and who first made it. Today, I will introduce the top 10 interesting stories of how different foods were born.

1. tea bag

Thomas Sullivan, an American car salesman, sold tea leaves in silk bags so that customers could drink tea comfortably. said to have been equipped.

2. Jjolmyeon

In the 1970s, at a factory that made naengmyeon, an employee misaligned the hole in the injection machine, resulting in noodles that were much thicker than naengmyeon. It was a waste to throw away the noodles that came out at that time, so I gave them to a nearby snack shop, and mixing them with seasonings sold them, and the current jjolmyeon was born.

3. Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki, which was first created in 1953, is said to be the beginning of today’s tteokbokki, when Grandma Ma Bok-rim in Sindang-dong accidentally dropped garae-tteok in a bowl of jajangmyeon at a Chinese restaurant, and the taste came out unexpectedly. .

4. French Fries

When a customer who came to the restaurant complained that the fries were thick, the angry cook tried to fry the potatoes so thin that they could not be cut with a fork, but the customer was quite satisfied with the thin fries. It is known as ‘Saratoga Chip’ and it is said to have become a representative dish of the New England region.

5. Donut

The origin of donuts was when a housewife, a housewife, pierced only this part with a fork when the middle part was not cooked when frying the donuts. When the donuts were fried after making a hole in the center, they were cooked evenly and the taste was improved, and the shape of the donuts currently on sale were created.

6. Tofu

Her daughter-in-law, who was warming up the beans and tasting them secretly, realized that her mother-in-law had arrived.

7. Budaejjigae

During the Korean War, people who felt hungry gathered together to cook and eat stew. At that time, the ingredients were sausages and scraps of meat from the US military base, but now the taste has been enhanced with various ingredients such as corn corn, noodles, and ham.

8. Jerky and Shabu Shabu

It is said that the Mongolian soldiers who went to war did not have a separate supply unit, so they used horses, which were their means of transportation, for food. When food was scarce, the oldest and most exhausted horses were eaten first. At this time, the dried horse meat is the current jerky. Also, blanching the meat with water in a helmet was the beginning of shabu-shabu.

9. Waffles

In 1734, an English cook running a small restaurant is engrossed in a conversation with his wife, who is forced to pound meat, but accidentally knocks on a pancake. When the chef saw that the pancake had a square hole, he said it was fun and sold it with syrup. This was the beginning of the waffle.

10. Cereal

Serving 25 Servings Kellogg’s kneaded dough was a waste of time to throw away, so I put it on a roller and turned it on, but it was said that hard pieces were formed. When I gave it to people, it got a good response, and it was the beginning of the cereal I am today.

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