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Xiaomi Launching Poco F2 Smartphone May 12


Poco, the sub-brand of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will launch its new smartphone Poco F2 on May 12. The Poco F1 smartphone was first debuted in 2018. Leaks also suggest that Poco F2 Pro and a Poco M2 Pro are in the pipeline. Poco is Xiaomi’s sub-brand with a mission to produce “super performing smartphones” as seen in F1 where speed was the focus.

According to reports, Xiaomi’s PR agency has sent out virtual invites to guests for the event scheduled for May 12. Android Authority which has received a Poco event invite, confirmed in its report that the online event will be on May 12.

Poco’s Twitter account also updated that it will be revealing a “second generation” phone amply hinting at the arrival of Poco F2.

Poco hogged the limelight in the market for its positioning different from parent Xiaomi’s Mi smartphone series. Poco’s product strategy has been “perfecting one aspect that counts” in offering a brilliant user experience to make tech enthusiasts excited.

Upcoming Poco F2 Pro will be a premium phone

Meanwhile, reports also said the premium Poco F2 Pro is in the works, and launch may happen soon. It will be an exclusive global product and will be the most expensive smartphone ever for the brand. Ahead of the official launch, the F2 Pro made an appearance on Gearbest with promo materials and offered a phone for free with early shipping for the participants.

According to analysts, Poco F2 Pro could be an improvised rehash of the Redmi K30 Pro and making a global debut as Poco F2 Pro. The Gearbest listing also boasts of the “most powerful chipset” with a Snapdragon logo. The Snapdragon 865 SoC under the Redmi K30 Pro hood is also remembered for the speculation on their close links.

There is a promise of a true “full screen” experience that may be using pop-up selfie cameras. The Gearbest listing reveals 6GB RAM and 128GB storage as standard with options for upgrade to 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. The Poco F2 Pro will be available in four colors– grey, blue, purple, and white.

The final price is not known but a leak said it could be 600 Euros or $645 in the European market. According to Alvin Tse and Jai Mani, key members of the team, Poco means “a little” and it is about starting small and dreaming big.

Meanwhile, the Tech Radar ranked the top 5 smartphones of 2020, and the brands were– Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus, iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, OnePlus 8 Pro, and iPhone 11.

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