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Symptoms, prevention and treatment of bromhidrosis


There are about 2 to 3 million sweat glands in the body, and there are two types of sweat glands: apocrine sweat glands that discharge organic substances and fatty sweat, and eccrine sweat glands that discharge waste products and regulate body temperature. Odorosis is a disease in which substances secreted from apocrine sweat glands are decomposed by bacteria to produce ammonia and fatty acids, resulting in a bad odor in the armpit area where apocrine sweat glands are abundant. The incidence of such odor is much higher in Westerners than in Asians, because the apocrine sweat glands in Westerners are more distributed than in Asians.

The main cause of bromhidrosis is the substance secreted by the apocrine sweat glands. The secretions of apocrine sweat glands are originally sterile and do not have a special odor, but it is known that bromhidrosis occurs due to decomposition by specific bacteria such as gram-positive bacteria. The degree of odor of bromhidrosis caused by apocrine sweat glands may vary from person to person.

In addition, eccrine bromhidrosis, which is caused by excessive secretion of eccrine sweat glands, is known to be caused by the action of fungi and bacteria on the stratum corneum of the softened skin. In addition to genetic influence, various factors such as mental stress and obesity due to overweight have also been known to cause the occurrence, and menstruation and pregnancy are also reported as factors affecting the worsening of symptoms. Now, let’s learn more about the main symptoms of bromhidrosis, as well as various information about treatment and prevention.

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The main symptom of the onset of bromhidrosis is the peculiar smell of sweat. Unlike general sweat, which is mostly made of water, apocrine sweat glands contain various components such as fatty acids, triglycerides, and lipids, which are known to cause such a characteristic strong odor. Also, if you wear a white top, it may turn yellow due to the fat and pigment contained in the apocrine sweat glands. It has been known that these symptoms become more severe in the summer or after exercise when sweating is profuse.

The stench, one of the main symptoms of bromhidrosis, can cause discomfort to people and can interfere with social life. In particular, such bromhidrosis occurs mainly after puberty, when the secretion of hormones and the size of the apocrine sweat glands increase. If you feel mental anxiety due to bromhidrosis during puberty, which is emotionally sensitive, you may experience difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and it will also act as a factor that significantly reduces social activities.

If you notice a strong odor from your armpits about 2 hours after showering, or if you smell a disgusting, stinging smell after 5 minutes of putting a non-odorous tissue in your armpit, you may have axillary odor. It is said that maintaining dry armpits or properly implementing various management rules such as hygiene and diet will help relieve symptoms. do.

Treatment and prevention of bromhidrosis

1. Diagnosis and appropriate treatment

In the case of bromhidrosis, the symptoms are identified by smell and, at the same time, when the symptoms appear, the earwax is often wet. In addition, if such odorosis occurs in infants, it is possible to suspect hereditary amino acid urine, so urine and blood tests can be performed. After that, depending on the diagnosis result, treatment is carried out by applying treatment methods such as treatment of bacterial infection and method of reducing sweat secretion from apocrine sweat glands. In the treatment of bacterial infections using drugs, topical application of an antibiotic solution or ointment to the armpit or soap containing antibiotics can be very helpful. In addition, it is said that if a drug to reduce the amount of sweat secreted from the armpit is applied before going to bed, it will reduce the secretion of sweat in the armpit, thereby alleviating the symptoms of bromhidrosis and helping to treat it. And if symptoms do not improve even after treatment with these drugs is applied, surgical methods may be considered.

2. Keep your armpits dry all the time

It is very important to keep the armpits dry at all times as sweat is discharged from the armpit area, where the distribution of apocrine sweat glands is high, and odor is generated. Wearing well-ventilated clothes and maintaining a variety of management habits such as applying powder to the armpits are said to help keep the armpit area dry. In addition, taking frequent showers to keep personal hygiene clean, while taking a shower, washing your armpits with medicinal soap or antibacterial soap to clean germs helps relieve symptoms. Also, if you usually smell a lot, using a deodorant or antiperspirant can help. When using these products, it is said that it can help improve symptoms because it prevents sweat from being decomposed by bacteria and reduces sweat by constricting capillaries. And if sweat and bacteria get on the armpit hair, odor can get worse.

3. Avoid excessive fat intake

Excessive intake of foods high in fat and protein and high in calories is known to exacerbate symptoms by stimulating the apocrine sweat glands in the armpits and promoting sweat secretion. Therefore, it is said that it is helpful to control the intake of these foods as much as possible and at the same time increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits.

In addition, excessive consumption of caffeine-containing coffee, energy drinks, and carbonated drinks can also speed up blood flow and increase sweat secretion. In addition, excessive mental stress also acts as a cause of sweat gland dysfunction and is known to be a major trigger that affects the development of sweat glands.

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