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Rocket League: Ultimate Shooting Guide for 2023

Rocket League shooting guide

Rocket League is a high-adrenaline, fast-paced game that requires quick reflexes, precise control, and strategic thinking. And one of the core concepts of the game is to hit the ball into the net as hard as you can. And, this is exactly what this Rocket League shooting guide will teach you!

Shooting does sound simple, but it’s really not. It is one of the most fundamental and important skills to master. It’s also the distinction between a high-ranked and a low-ranked player. So, in order to improve, you need to start practicing how to shoot.

Not to worry, because after reading this article, you will have the knowledge to significantly improve your shooting and score more goals.

The Difference Between a Good and a Bad Shot

There are a lot of factors that separate a good shot from a bad shot. So, let’s look at them first.

A good shot is composed of three essential factors: power, accuracy, and unpredictability. These three go hand-in-hand in order to hit a goal-scoring shot.

Power and accuracy are self-explanatory; just being able to hit the ball hard and with precision. Unpredictability means a shot that is creative and hard for the defender to read.

A good shot checks at least two of these boxes. If the shot is powerful and accurate, the time to defend it will be extremely limited. Similarly, if the shot is accurate and unpredictable, it will be unreadable by the defender and will almost always result in a goal.

A bad shot, on the other hand, checks none of these boxes. A powerful but inaccurate shot will simply miss the net. Similarly, a shot that is accurate but not powerful will be easily stopped by the defender.

How to Hit Good Shots Consistently

Let’s start our Rocket League shooting guide by talking a bit about power and accuracy. Both of these factors are essential to landing a good shot.

You often see pros generate so much power so easily, but how? This is because they do a few things right before hitting the shot, and they are as follows:

1. Approaching the Ball

Approaching the ball in Rocket League

You want to approach the ball as directly as possible. More often than not, rookie players lack confidence and twitch as they approach the ball. This causes you to lose your momentum and all your power.

Hence, approach the ball directly with confidence. Try to place yourself in a straight line toward the ball.

2. Hitting from the nose or corners of your car

Hitting the ball from nose or corner of the car in Rocket League

The nose and the front corners of your car generate the most power when hitting the ball. Try to always hit the ball from these places. Secondly, incorporate air roll to make it even more accurate.

3. Flipping

The timing of the flip is the most important factor in hitting a power shot. You need to flip at the last second before hitting the ball. This generates the most power and momentum. The pros have nailed down this timing, which is why you often see them hit the ball with so much force.

If you can do these things consistently, you will notice your shots getting more powerful and going over your opponent’s head, placing you in a position to score.

How To Practice Shooting

Now that I have explained what a good shot is, let’s practice it. I have made a training routine to drastically improve your shooting ability.

Rocket League training modes

First, go into free play and try to hit the ball with all your might. Don’t worry about hitting it into the net. Just keep bouncing it off the walls and try to generate as much power as you can.

Get the timing of the flip and try hitting it with the nose or corners of the car. Do this for about 10–15 minutes. After this, do the same, but try to place it in the net. You can do this in free play or with this training pack.

Powershot practice training pack

Code: C9E4-0F05-B71A-C322

Hit the ball with the highest power you can generate while being accurate at the same time. Before shooting, decide where you are going to put the ball, and then try to place it there. This will give you the freedom to place the ball wherever you want and make it hard for the defender to stop it.

Creativity or Unpredictability in Shooting

Creative or unpredictable shots are the second part of our Rocket League shooting guide.

An unpredictable shot is one that is hard to read by the defender. You must be a little creative with your shots. If you keep going for the same shot, your opponent will catch up and be ready to defend it.

As a result, you must be creative and take a different shot each time. This will make you unreadable and unpredictable and force the defender to play passively.

By creative shots, I mean flicks, fakes, air dribbles, and so on. It all comes down to what you have in your arsenal. For beginners, try practicing flicks and fakes.

1. Flicks

Flicks are more difficult for the opponent to read and can result in a free goal. To land a flick, you must first dribble the ball onto your car, then flip to pop it off your hood.

Though flicks are most effective in 2v2 or 3v3 situations, they require a little more room. And, as you know, 3v3s can be a little chaotic. But if you can pull off a flick, then it can do wonders for your team.

2. Fakes

Fakes are self-explanatory. You appear to be about to take a shot and then stop at the last second, causing your opponent to overcommit and leave the net empty.

3. Air Dribbles

Air dribbling is also a vital mechanic to learn. However, if you are below diamond, I would not recommend trying air dribbles, as you lack the car control for them. But that does not mean air dribbles are not effective.

They are a great way to attack, and the interesting thing is that you can combine them with different mechanics like flip resets to keep the opponents guessing.

Furthermore, shots taken from high up are usually hard to defend. If you can master putting the ball in the net from the air, you will have a weapon to take you through the ranks.

How to Practice Creative Shots

Play this training pack to improve your shot creativity:

Code: F75F-9E7E-3C58-C02F

It has the ball lined up at the most common angles. Go for a different shot every time. Go for a dribble, a flick, or shoot from an unusual angle. Just play around and be creative with it.

Improve by Playing 1v1s

Yes, I know, nobody likes a 1v1. However, it is the most effective way to improve. Here, try to hit accurate and powerful shots from anywhere on the field. There is also room for you to be creative with your hits.

If you can devote an hour per day to 1v1s, you will improve much faster than your friends.

Final tips

So, this was all about the Rocket League shooting guide. Shooting is the most fundamental part of this game. But you can’t master it in a day. You need to practice every day and play the game.

Watch your replays and try to figure out what mistake you made. Were you inaccurate, in a bad position, or just whiffed on an easy shot? Figuring out your weaknesses and fixing them is key to getting better and ranking up.

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