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Rhodiola Rosea Benefits and Precautions


Rhodiola Rosea is a rock stone flower belonging to the perennial plant of the stony family, and is mainly grown in the cold alpine regions of the northern hemisphere such as the Himalayas, Siberia and Sakhalin. In English, it is called by several names such as Rhodiola, Rose Root, Golden Root, etc. Rhodiola Rosea is known to create its own active ingredients to fight stress in order to thrive in the harsh conditions of the alpine regions. The active substance produced in this way has excellent medicinal properties that are beneficial to the body, so it is also called the second ginseng.

In addition, it is said that the Chinese emperors in the past sent an expedition to Siberia, which was a major production area, to save Rhodiola Rosea, and it is said that it has been recognized as a valuable medicine from the old days with records of it being consumed by astronauts in the former Soviet Union during training. Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Rhodiola Rosea and what you should be aware of one by one.

Main effects of Rhodiola Rosea

1. Stress Relief

The most representative effect of Rhodiola Rosea is that it is excellent for relieving stress and improving. Rhodiola Rosea is rich in bio-defense substances such as rosabine and salidroside. These ingredients stabilize the nerves and reduce the response of cortisol, a hormone secreted in response to acute stress, which is said to have beneficial effects in relieving and relieving stress.

In fact, in a human application test conducted over 28 days on 60 people with symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion, it was announced that the group taking Rhodiola Rosea extract had lower cortisol levels compared to the group not taking it.

2. Prevention of depression

If mental stress continues, the functions of the mind and body are continuously damaged, and if the symptoms become more severe and become chronic, it is the cause of the occurrence of various mental-related diseases. Depression, in which the overall mental function continues to deteriorate, is one of these mental-related diseases, and it is known that excessive emotional stress is the main cause of its occurrence. Rhodiola Rosea’s excellent stress-reducing action stabilizes sensitive nerves and helps to activate serotonin and other neurotransmitters known as the happiness hormone, thereby resolving the neurotransmitter imbalance in the brain, and at the same time having a beneficial effect in preventing depression. .

3. Boost immunity

The immune system, which neutralizes various viruses and pathogens introduced from the outside, and protects the body, is the guardian of our body. If the immune function, which plays such an important role, is reduced, metabolism and body functions are lowered, increasing the risk of various viral infections and allergic diseases. Rhodiola Rosea’s excellent immune-activating action helps promote metabolism and activates immune cells to help boost immunity. In addition, Rhodiola Rosea is known to be effective in managing immunity because it is excellent in antioxidant activity that removes free radicals that cause cell damage and DNA modification, which is the cause of weakening immune function.

4. Fatigue recovery

It is said that it can help restore lost energy and reduce chronic fatigue due to the excellent metabolic activity of Rhodiola Rosea. In addition, as the aforementioned stress is closely related to fatigue, it is said to have a good effect on reducing mental and physical fatigue through stress improvement. The effect of relieving fatigue through stress relief has been proven through several studies, and in 2014, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognized Rhodiola Rosea extract as a functional raw material that can help improve fatigue caused by stress.

Other effects and side effects to watch out for

The aforementioned reactive oxygen species are well known as the main culprit for accelerating the rate of aging of the body by promoting cellular aging as well as lowering immune function. It is said that Rhodiola Rosea has a beneficial effect on anti-aging by removing free radicals due to its excellent antioxidant action. It also helps to improve blood flow by inhibiting platelet aggregation and is said to be effective in preventing vascular-related adult diseases. In addition, it is said that Rhodiola Rosea’s main efficacy is to reduce the risk of cancer by removing various carcinogens, free radicals and toxins, as well as strengthening the heart.

Although Rhodiola Rosea has various beneficial effects on the body, it is said that there are also side effects to be aware of. Caution should be exercised when taking medications such as blood anticoagulants and diabetes medications. In addition, although there are health benefits such as improving immunity, it is recommended to be careful because autoimmune diseases caused by abnormalities in the immune system can cause problems. Pregnant, lactating, and infants are advised not to consume it.

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