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Reasons for gas in the stomach and how to get rid of it


Feeling bloated and stuffy due to gas in the stomach is one of the symptoms that can occur if you overeat, overeat, or suffer from indigestion. In a temporary case, it only gives an unpleasant and stuffy feeling, and it recovers without causing any major health problems. It can cause a number of physical abnormalities. In addition, if this gas filling continues for a long time, it can lead to the onset of various digestive-related diseases. It is known that if you understand the main reason for gas and make changes to improve the parts that cause worsening symptoms, you can relieve symptoms and help prevent related diseases. So, let’s take a closer look at the main causes of gas in your stomach and some of the ways you can help solve them.

Why so much gas in the stomach

Gas in the stomach can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most affected part is said to be the influence of eating habits. First, if you eat food quickly, gas is easily generated because a large amount of air is introduced into the stomach along with the food. In addition, if food is swallowed without chewing it sufficiently, the food does not mix well with saliva, which puts a burden on the stomach during the digestion process, and thus gas is easily generated. In addition, binge eating and overeating, which consume a large amount of food at once, puts a strain on normal digestion and puts a great burden on it, causing gas production. In addition, excessive intake of oily and irritating foods that cause an imbalance of intestinal bacteria and cause the growth of harmful bacteria is also said to be a major factor that causes gas to be easily generated in the stomach.

And if you are under excessive stress, it slows the movement of the stomach, which can easily lead to indigestion. It can be said that food is not properly decomposed and digested by this slow gastrointestinal movement, which causes gas due to accumulation of waste products in the intestine. In addition, eating too much fiber-rich foods such as cabbage and broccoli at once can create gas in the stomach. You will create an environment. Intestinal gas generated by the continuous accumulation of these intestinal wastes can easily cause inflammation in the intestinal mucosa, which can cause irritable bowel syndrome and various inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases. It is important to reduce these factors.

how to get gas out of stomach

1. Correction of eating habits that cause worsening of symptoms

In order to minimize the formation of gas in the stomach, it can be said that it is to improve the bad eating habits that are the cause of the worsening of symptoms. It is recommended to reduce the habit of binge-eating, overeating, and late-night eating, which causes food to stay in the intestine for a long time and cause difficulties in digestion. In addition, you should refrain from eating foods that cause you to swallow a large amount of air at the same time, and you should develop a eating habit of chewing food well enough. In addition, reducing the intake of oily, high-calorie instant food, fast food, and processed food also helps to prevent the accumulation of waste products in the intestine and reduce the formation of gas in the stomach.

2. Eat foods that help balance your gut bacteria

Abdominal bloating caused by gas is easily caused by an imbalance of intestinal bacteria. Therefore, it can be a good way to consistently consume foods such as yogurt, soybean paste, cheonggukjang, natto, kimchi, and kefir, which are rich in lactic acid bacteria that help balance the proper ratio of harmful and beneficial bacteria in the intestine. It is also very important to eat a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits that are high in dietary fiber, which helps to improve the survival environment of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. However, it is a good way to consume an appropriate amount of vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale, which are high in dietary fiber, because if you consume too much at once, it can cause gas production in the intestines.

3. Warm compresses and massage

A warm compress to warm the stomach can also help relieve gas. It is said that if you warm the stomach, it helps the blood flow smoothly and helps relieve the feeling of bloating caused by gas. Also, not only warm compresses but also gentle massages on the abdomen stimulate the intestines and at the same time help smooth bowel movements, which is beneficial for the smooth discharge of gas.

4. Steady exercise

As even a small amount of activity can act as a cause of gas production, it is said that regular exercise that moves the body helps a lot. The vibrations that occur when you move or walk move your intestines, making it easier to excrete gas. In particular, it can be said that regular exercise is very important for work or studies that involve a lot of sitting time.

In addition, proper stress management is also very important because excessive stress can atrophy gastrointestinal motility and cause gas production. In addition, please note that lying on your side or lying on your stomach will help the gas to be discharged more smoothly than lying on your back.

5. Accurate diagnosis and examination

If symptoms such as gas and bloating continue even after the various methods mentioned above have been implemented, the occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome and various inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases can be suspected. In particular, since these diseases often have complex symptoms such as abdominal pain, heartburn, and diarrhea as well as bloating, it is important to visit a hospital for an accurate diagnosis and detailed examination if the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders continue to appear.

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