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How to manage appendicitis symptoms and treatment


The cecum, which is the digestive tract located at the end of the small intestine and transitions to the large intestine, functions as a part of the large intestine, such as absorbing salt and water. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, which runs 6 to 9 cm long at the tip of the appendix. The correct diagnosis is appendicitis, but it is commonly called appendicitis. Although appendicitis occurs at most age groups, the incidence is particularly high among young people in their teens to 30s. In addition, appendicitis is classified into early appendicitis, purulent appendicitis, gangrene appendicitis, and perforated appendicitis according to the degree of progression. Such appendicitis is known as a disease that can cause serious complications if no active surgical treatment is taken when symptoms are present. The main cause of appendicitis is not clearly known. It is known to start when the appendix opening is blocked by hardened stool masses, foreign bodies, parasites, and inflammation in the intestine and around the appendix. When the cavity of the appendix is ​​clogged, the bacteria inside it can multiply. Due to this action, secretions from the mucous membrane cannot escape, and the appendix expands, affecting the development. Fatty and stimulant food intake, stressful binge eating habits, and excessive abdominal exercise can also contribute to the development of appendicitis. Now, let’s learn about the various symptoms, treatment, and prevention of appendicitis.

The main symptoms of appendicitis

The most common symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain. It occurs in about 95% of cases, and in the case of abdominal pain, the pain in the upper abdomen is initially felt vaguely, and then the pain is gradually limited to the lower right abdomen. This pain gets worse when the affected area is pressed, and depending on the individual, pain may occur in the right side of the flank. And at a rate of about 80%, systemic symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, tenderness, fever, and loss of appetite may accompany other symptoms such as intestinal obstruction, peritonitis, constipation, and diarrhea. If you do not take prompt action when symptoms of appendicitis appear, lower abdominal pain can spread to the entire abdomen. If the barrier is weakened, fistulas occur, or if an abscess is formed due to inflammation of the appendix, complications such as intra-abdominal abscesses may occur. In addition, appendicitis can cause complications after surgery in 5-10% of cases without perforation and 15-65% of cases with perforation. Since such appendicitis is practically difficult to prevent, it is important to receive prompt treatment when symptoms develop.

How to treat and manage appendicitis

1. Rapid treatment

Appendicitis has an increased risk of complications if symptoms appear and is not treated within 3 days. Diagnosis is made through symptom confirmation, physical examination, and abdominal ultrasound. In addition, a CT examination is performed to check whether the appendix is ​​perforated or not and whether an abscess is formed. In the early stage or when the symptoms are mild, antibiotic treatment is sometimes performed, or the appendix is ​​removed by laparoscopic procedure without open surgery. However, if symptoms worsen and peritonitis develops, you will need to be hospitalized for a long time after laparotomy and receive antibiotic treatment.

2. Post-surgery care

After surgery for appendicitis, you should eat soft, liquid food for a certain period of time, and refrain from eating oily and spicy foods. It is also recommended to abstain from drinking and smoking for about a month after appendicectomy. In addition, there is a risk of causing problems if you engage in excessive activity or extreme exercise, so it is recommended to refrain from doing it as much as possible and do it after a lot of recovery.

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