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Half-body bath benefits and healthy way of doing it


If the normal blood circulation is not achieved properly, the basal metabolic rate drops and the body swells well, and at the same time, the body becomes tired and tired easily due to the decrease in physical strength. In addition, various physical abnormalities such as decreased digestive function, cold hands and feet, and menstrual irregularities occur, and the risk of developing various diseases increases due to decreased immune function. In particular, modern people who are tired of their busy daily life are more likely to have problems with normal blood circulation and metabolism due to multiple factors such as overwork, stress, and sedentary lifestyle due to long work hours.

Various management methods such as regular exercise, diet control, massage, and half-bath can be implemented to help the recovery of this poor condition and increase the basal metabolic rate. Among them, half bathing, a bathing method in which only the lower body is immersed in warm water, is known to be effective in promoting normal blood circulation and metabolism by helping to remove cold energy from the body without putting too much strain on the heart.

In particular, in winter, when cold and dry weather continues, the basal body temperature drops, which further lowers the metabolic rate and weakens the immune function. It is said that if you regularly take a half-bath at this time, you can get a lot of help in managing your health and immunity. Now, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of taking a half bath, as well as several ways to help keep it healthy.

The effect you get when you take a half-bath

In general, the upper body of the human body heats up easily, and the lower body tends to have a relatively low body temperature compared to the upper body. It is said that if you warm the cold lower body through half-bath, it is effective in helping to improve body functions by correcting the imbalanced body temperature due to blood convection between the upper and lower body. In addition, as the constricted blood vessels expand, blood flow becomes smoother, which is said to be effective in relieving symptoms such as cold hands and feet and constipation. In addition, the sweat discharged through half-bath not only discharges waste products and toxins accumulated in the body, but also relieves muscle stiffness through muscle relaxation, and helps relieve symptoms such as back pain, arthritis, and menstrual pain. do.

In addition, it is effective in relieving stress by stabilizing the central nervous system, and it is said to have a good effect in recovering from fatigue and preventing colds by improving body functions. In addition, as the pores are opened at a warm temperature, toxins and wastes are discharged, which is beneficial for skin beauty. However, it is said that if you do it for a long time or do it frequently, it will adversely affect your health. In addition, it is recommended to be cautious if you are a person with a lot of heat in the body or have a disease such as high blood pressure. Therefore, it can be said that it is important to increase the effect of half-body bathing to take into account various factors such as the temperature and duration of the water as long as it does not put any strain on the body.

How to make a half-body bath healthy

1. Check the water temperature

It can be said that it is a very important part to improve the effect of half-body bathing and to enjoy it in a healthy way. It is recommended to use the water at a temperature of 38-40℃, which is a little higher than body temperature. . Also, if the water level exceeds your chest, you may feel stuffy. It is also important to lower the temperature in the bathroom as well as the temperature of the water. It is known that the greater the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the water, the more effective it is for blood circulation. In addition, when taking a half-bath, it is better not to put your arms in the water. If you put your arm in the water, blood circulation in the arm will become active, and the body temperature will rise and the effect of the half-bath will decrease, so it is recommended to put the arm outside.

2. Controlling the half-bath time

When taking a half-bath, it is recommended to adjust the water temperature as well as the time appropriately. It is known that it is most effective to do it for about 20 to 30 minutes, and if it is done for more than 30 minutes, it makes the body lack of water and the amount of salt decreases due to excessive sweating, which can disrupt the normal metabolic balance of the body. . In particular, if you have a disease such as high blood pressure, taking a half-bath for more than the appropriate time can cause a rise in blood pressure and worsen symptoms, so it is recommended to do it for about 10 minutes. And in order to get the most effect of half-body bathing, it is best to do it 2-3 times a week, and it is said that it is most effective to do it in the evening when the fatigue of the day is accumulated.

3. Stay hydrated

It is recommended to drink a glass of mineral water before taking a half-bath because the sweat produced during half-bath causes a lack of moisture. Also, if you do this while you are full due to food intake, digestion is disturbed and you may feel stuffy and short of breath, so it is recommended to do it at least 1 hour after eating. Also, if you suddenly jump out of the water after finishing half-bath, you should get up slowly in the water because dizziness may occur due to hypotension caused by the expansion of blood vessels.

After taking a half-bath, it is recommended to shower with warm water, lightly dry with a towel, and then apply lotion, cream, or oil to keep it hydrated. In addition, it is important to cool down the sweat or warmth naturally slowly, because the effect of the half-bath can be halved if exposed to the wind of an air conditioner or a fan after taking a half-bath.

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