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Cloocus wins Microsoft’s ‘Partner of the Year’ award for 2 consecutive years


Cloocus, a Microsoft cloud consulting and management company, announced on the 29th that it was selected as the “Partner of the Year” by Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2022 for the second year in a row.

The ‘Partner of the Year Award’ is awarded to partners who have demonstrated outstanding performance in solution implementation and innovation while providing Microsoft-based applications, services, and devices to customers over the past year.
According to Cloocus, this year, more than 3,900 partners from more than 100 countries around the world were nominated and competed.

Cloocus has focused on Microsoft’s Azure cloud business from the beginning of its foundation, and has acquired the ‘Azure Expert MSP’, the highest grade in Microsoft’s global technology, early.

Among domestic partners, it also holds the most Advanced Specialization certifications, the highest level of Azure technology for specific workloads, such as cloud migration, hybrid cloud, security, application modernization, and data and artificial intelligence fields.

In the Hyundai Motor Project, it was recognized for its capabilities by using technologies such as ‘Azure Digital Twin Platform’ and ‘Azure Databricks’ and ‘Azure Machine Learning’. The company emphasized that it was launched based on the

Cloocus is also seeking partners to do business with Microsoft as a Microsoft Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) partner. It opened a global tech hub with Microsoft Korea in Busan and started to target the local cloud market. In addition, the company said that it is participating in the Microsoft Enabler program to realize a disability-inclusive workplace in the Asia-Pacific region.

Nick Parker, vice president of Microsoft Global Partner Solutions Company, said, “All of the candidates for the 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year have outstanding technical skills. It is meaningful that the partner who provided it won the award.”

Cloocus CEO Hong Seong-wan said, “We will do our best to become a partner that can well support the three cloud services provided by Microsoft: Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 & Power platform.”

The Microsoft Partner Awards will be officially announced at Microsoft Inspire, the Microsoft Global Partner Conference held from July 19-20.

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