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Can iPhone Be Used In North Korea?


In fact, it is said that it can also be used in North Korea. It is being serviced by Koryolink, the only mobile operator in North Korea, but the price is so high that ordinary residents cannot even afford it. At least the situation is better than Samsung Galaxy as Galaxy phone is completely unacceptable in North Korea, but as it is a product of an American company, anti-American sentiment is strong, so iPhones are hardly seen in North Korea.

And iPhones originally sold in North Korea are banned by Apple’s EULA. In short, it is a contraband.

In North Korea, it is known as ‘Marshal’s cell phone’. Kim Jong-un is already using Apple devices such as iMacs and MacBook Airs.

Kim Jong-un also smuggles new iPhone models as soon as they are released and gives them to executives as gifts.

Of course, it seems difficult to use normally because only intranets such as Gwangmyeong Network are operated. In the first place, iOS devices must be connected to the Internet to work properly. Or it could be that jailbroken devices that already have some apps installed are smuggled from China.

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