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ARM, a semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company, introduced a next-generation solution


ARM, a semiconductor intellectual property (IP) company, introduced a next-generation solution. Among them, new graphics processing units (GPUs) stand out. Although it has been reborn as a strong application processor (AP), it has been evaluated as being inferior to its competitors in the graphics field. With this as an opportunity, it is expected to advance into the gaming market in earnest.

On the 29th, ARM announced its 2022 Total Compute Solution (TCS) through an online press conference. TCS is a set of ARM state-of-the-art IP combined.

On this day, ARM CEO Rene Haas said, “ARM is making many new attempts in the mobile space. Among them, the core of gaming is a rich visual experience.”

In the meantime, ARM has been introducing the Mali series as GPUs for AP. The industry believes that Mali is inferior in performance to Qualcomm GPU Adreno. It is in the same vein that Samsung Electronics applied AMD GPU from Exynos 2200.

At this event, ARM announced that it would launch a new flagship GPU called ‘Imortalis’. Hwang Seon-wook, head of ARM Korea, emphasized, “We will continue to optimize the system on GPUs following the central processing unit (CPU).”

The biggest feature of Immortalis-G715 is that it supports ray tracing. It is a technology that processes the four major elements of light, such as reflection, refraction, transmission, and shadow, in real time. By tracking this, realistic light effects can be realized and specific places can be reproduced. This product is suitable for high-performance games.

“We achieved a 15% increase in performance through ray tracing, a doubling of machine learning (ML) improvement, and a 15% increase in energy efficiency,” said Jeong Seong-hoon, managing director of ARM Korea.

In addition, the ▲Mali-G715 ▲Mali-G615, which improved the existing Mali series, will also be released.

ARM also introduced a new processor architecture. ‘Cortex-X3’ that focuses on high performance, ‘Cortex-A715’ that balances performance and power efficiency, and ‘Cortex-A515’ that combines the two products. In the case of X3, performance increased by 25% compared to X2 based on Android products. A 35% improvement is reported on laptops.

JC Su, Vice President of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Division, said, “ARM has released the Immortalis GPU featuring hardware-based ray tracing, followed by the powerful Cortex-X3 CPU. By combining them, we expect to improve gaming and productivity of MediaTek’s flagship mobile system-on-chip (SoC).”

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