Home Business Amazon’s AI speaker ‘Alexa’ now imitates a specific person’s voice

Amazon’s AI speaker ‘Alexa’ now imitates a specific person’s voice


Amazon’s AI speaker, ‘Alexa’, is conducting research to provide more sophisticated voice services.

According to Reuters on the 22nd, Amazon senior vice president Rohit Prasad is developing a system that allows Alexa to listen to and imitate a human voice in less than a minute.

“During the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many people have lost loved ones,” he said.

However, there are concerns that the service could be abused to spread political ‘deep fakes’.

Prasad said it would develop Alexa’s ability to learn “generalizable intelligence.” He explained, “The goal is not to overlap with Alphabet’s ‘Deep Mind’ unit and artificial intelligence (AGI) co-founded by Elon Musk.”

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